Monday, September 7, 2015

Xandaman Update! Week 3

Here I am, under the big sky. I guess this would be the the official first entry to 'Alex's big sky diary'. :) I love Montana so far. I'm even near some mountains here in Belgrade. But first, I'll tell you my transfer experience from Provo to here. 
Early last Tuesday morning, after our packing and district party/testimony thing the night before,  we loaded up on a charter bus and went to the front runner station. I didn't think we would be riding Uta up to the airport! It was a hassle transferring all our luggage between front runner and Trax and up escalators and through baggage check in, but we made it, all 30 of us or so. The airport was fine, mostly just waiting to leave (Again the prepaid phone card was stupid. The first call gave me five hundred minutes, and the second one gave me eleven! Oh well). The plane was really small, like, probably only 60 seats. The scenery was pretty. 
And then, we arrived in Billings! We met President Wadsworth, his wife, and the 4 assistants. 
Over the next couple days, we stayed at the mission home, went through some orientation, ate great homemade food, as well as Golden Corral! Yum. Thursday, we got packed up and left for our areas. Transfers can be pretty crazy, but it was all for the adventure.
Me and Elder Schneider are living in the Guptills basement, which is pretty great. They are older, but very nice and supportive members. Since Elder Schneider has only been out for a few weeks, we are learning a lot together. He is smart and ready to work. We get a long well. 
Up to today, we've been eating cheap frozen food and snacks. Today we'll buy good stuff. We are driving nice cars (Chevy Cruze 2013) and have iPads! The church makes possible great functionality; all the area book, planning stuff and other resources are provided, it's pretty great.

Becoming a missionary is becoming a man. Everything about a mission so far is changing me into a man. As I constantly live like a missionary and work on always helping others and learn how to be self-reliant, I am learning everything I need to know to be a man. I'm still trying to get better at planning and talking, but I'm getting there. I'm keeping the growth mindset that I have developed, and that is, any trial or challenge that comes your way is an opportunity for improvement. This mindset makes missionary work more fun. Even though it is hard, and getting rejected repeatedly shouldn't be fun, you feel yourself improving and growing. 
Being out here, it's interesting to see that we are all still normal people, sacrament meetings are the same, and there are people that truly are prepared to hear the gospel. Jennifer jones was looking for something to fill an emptiness she had in her life. She visited many other Christian churches, until she came to this church. She felt something different. Once the missionaries were guided to find her, and taught her, she embraced it. So Saturday, my companion baptized her and yesterday confirmed her. She felt quite a difference in her life. I'm so glad I got to witness that amazing experience. 
The priesthood is real. Modern day revelation is always available, and prayer works. Take advantage of these amazing blessings God provides. I really am enjoying my experience so far. I will keep working hard and improving, don't forget to smile :)

(When Alex is making faces, we know he is happy!)

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