Monday, October 26, 2015

Xandaman update! Week 10

True or false: do elk have fingers? False, but the Guptills made some
good elk steak fingers for dinner Tuesday. We had all sorts of
different types of food this week: Mexican, Philippino, monanyan, and
spaghetti. It was all very good. I had some salmon for the third time
in my life at the Bennetts. It's not bad at all. He knows how to cook
seafood :)

Life is going good up here in big sky, even though that sky will soon
be dropping trillions of unique snowflakes. Today it was actually
rainy, but tomorrow could be a different story!

Last Monday, I met elder stone, a new missionary. He's pretty similar
to me: drummer, beatboxes, and is a little quiet. But we get along
very well. Then we stuffed pie in our faces. It was a competition, but
I just ate it normally ;)

Two awesome spiritual meetings this week: MLT and stake president
lunch. The MLT actually happened this time, unlike last month. It was
really good. After a sweet cinnamon roll and missing an exit, we got
to listen to great messages from the president, his wife, the
assistants and a couple others. The few farewell testimonies were
powerful. Complete obedience to principles is how we qualify for the
spirit and receive the most blessings. We must always keep our
thoughts clean; Satan can't read our thoughts, but he can analyze our

One of the coolest things we did, as a zone, was a purposeful
prayer. In a prayer, you ask a specific question and pause for an
answer. Revelation sometimes comes right then. It was quite amazing.

The second cool meeting was a zone lunch at the stake presidents
house. He fed 14 elders and 2 sisters Dutch oven chicken stew. It was
super good. He even brought an investigator! He's a stud, that looks
like ferris buhler :) The message that he gave was basically that
Christ is the gospel. He Is a physical representation of the gospel.
We are striving to become like him, and once we do, His gospel will
become our gospel. I love that, because it's spot on.

Remember the Robisons? Bro. Robison got baptized and confirmed this
weekend. He also got the Aaronic priesthood so he can baptize the rest
of his family! It is an amazing thing to witness.

The two people we had on date for baptism, Lisa and Danny, aren't
progressing very fast, so that isn't gonna happen yet. But Cody on the
other hand has told us he is ready for baptism! We have been praying
to see what date would be the best. It's super exciting!

Well, those are some highlights of the week. We are just living the
life up here in Montana. I am still a normal person, even if I wear
funny clothes while riding a bike or bear my testimony to strangers.
It's great being a missionary! Thanks for all your support! Keep being
Christlike :)

Elder Wylie coyote

May the spirit be with you

Montana backroads

Getting ready for winter!

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