Monday, October 5, 2015

Xandaman update! Week 7

Good morning, and welcome to another episode of....'The dispensation
of the fullness of times'. Today we're going to look at some elders
who were in the right place at the right time. Elders Schneider and
Wylie wanted to be more guided in their finding, so after they prayed
for help and thought about it, elder Schneider said, "We need to go to
a trailer park". Elder Wylie had already thought of that idea as well,
so they settled on it. As they knocked on a few doors with less than
interested people behind them, a couple of kids rode up to the elders
and said they wanted to learn more about Jesus. The elders were
excited about that idea, and asked when they could come by. The kids
said to come by their parents house later, so that's what the elders
did. When they came back, the kids and their mom were excited to meet
with them and arranged a time to come meet up at their grandparents
house! So that's what the elders did. They were super excited that
night. To be continued... :)

Anyway, how is everyone doing? Is it getting cold down there yet? The
temperatures are heading downhill up here, so I need to go get my
winter coat quick! It'll be fun driving on solid ice in a couple

So one funny thing this week; we got a call from a lady we didn't know
and said she had a bunch of food for us. So when we finally found the
address, they brought us in and gave us a big box and two bags full of
assorted food. We were very grateful. We are still grateful, even
though we came to find out it was all stuff like cans of beans and
veggies, powdered milk, oatmeal, wheat bran cereal, and brownie mix.
Pretty random stuff :)

So, I've come to realize at times, I forget I'm a missionary. Not
because of disobedience, but because I've become one. As we teach and
associate with great and fun members, it's so great, I feel like it's
normal life. Well, it is normal life, just with an amazing calling to
go with it. It really is fun, missionary work, when you get into it
and be yourself.

General conference was great! We watched each session at a different
members houses, one with a less active guy. Sunday morning was 'waffle
morning' at the Guptills. A relative family came to join them (I think
it was one of their kids' family). We enjoyed delicious waffles and
sausage and bacon and fruit. It was really good.

Conference really was great. It was such a great experience listening
to it as a missionary. I was able to watch it with better
understanding and interest. I got some great inspiration as well as
reminders of what I should remember for myself and other people. 

One example is limitations help us see what is really important. Just like
in drumming, when you only give yourself a couple of drums to hit
versus a lot, your creativity enhances, your limitations force you to
see your life priorities and to turn to God. Another good idea is that
self control is a muscle, and we need to continually exercise it so
we begin to take control of our 'natural man' tendencies. A third
thing is we learn the most while we are going through trials. If we
always remember Christ in our suffering, we will get strength, and we
will know that we can learn great things from our experience.

Christ didn't just suffer for us, he is always with us. Don't forget
he is there to bear you up in your afflictions. His yoke is easy and
his burden is light. He is always ready and willing for us to join
with him in going through our life. Do all you can to stay with him.

May the spirit be with you

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