Monday, October 19, 2015

Xandaman update! Week 9

Oh no! A car share?! A cat got out of the bag and it told us last
Monday night that we were going to have a car share between us and the
first ward elders. We spent the evening conversing and trying to
handle our impending doom. The next few days went by and we found out
we were the most worried about it. It really isn't that bad. It
actually is helping us work with the ward better and learn how to plan
better. There seems to be more positives that can be pulled out of
challenges than negatives, as long as you have the right perspective.

Anyway, how's Utah? Any snow yet? We are waiting for it. It's starting
to get colder, at least at night. It could crash down any day it

So, transfers were last week of course, and I'm still here in Belgrade
with Elder Schneider. There are only a few new elders in our zone.
Elder Mckenzie, who was my Mtc companion's trainer up in Kalispel last
transfer(elder Hunter), and Elder Stone, who I was told I would get
along with very well. He beat boxes and stuff I guess. We will see
later today.

One of the most notable experiences was with one of my favorite
members; brother Bennett. He had us over for dinner, and let me tell
you, it was pretty amazing. It was strictly meat: rib eye steak, giant
shrimp, and crab legs! It was all very good. I learned the skills
needed to break the crab shells to get the meat out. It was great.
Then a guy named Cody, who lives with bro Bennett, joined us. He's 19
and owns his dad's dry walling business. He is very wise, and should
be a Mormon because he pretty much knows it all already. He just
doesn't see yet why baptism is necessary. We were there for over three
hours. It was an awesome dinner/lesson.

Sometimes, there are days that come around when all your plans go down
the drain. What do you do? Well, sometimes you get together and talk,
or read, or after you regain your energy, pray and find out where you
need to be.  Sundays are supposed to be awesome. At least church was
great, but the rest was less great. We did have an interesting dinner:
rice tacos. They just replaced tortillas with rice. It's a pretty good
combination. I expected a mission to always be 'go go go', but that's
not necessarily realistic. Even though you always have something on
your plate,  once in a while you just need to sit back and digest it
for a second. Everyone needs a little down time. We did have a good
week overall; it wasn't all slow.

How many times can I be reconfirmed that this is the place I'm
supposed to be? I have had that confirmation over and over again.
There is no better time than this to study the gospel so deeply
and spiritually, and it is probably the only time. Ever since I
realized that and gained a great thirst for His word, I have been
motivated to study and learn everything I can from the scriptures and
about the content. I'm loving it. Somehow I didn't ever think I would
love it so much. I'm gonna know the scriptures like nobody has ever
seen! Okay, not quite, but for me at least.
Thank you for all the support. I am eternally grateful ;)

May the spirit be with you

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