Monday, November 30, 2015

Xandaman update! Week 15

From the frozen diaries of a defrosting elder:

When 20 degrees feels warm, you know you are in a winter wonderland.
It got down to zero when we were out a couple times tracting and
contacting this week. It has been quite an adventure :) We met a good
potential named Katie  but we met her funny kids first. The
notable one was this little black kid that came up to me and punched
me in the crotch! It was pretty funny.

Our unique adventure last Tuesday was at the Community Cafe. It's a
cool little business where you come and eat food, then donate what you
can. Elder Schneider and I got to scoop the food onto the plates. It
was quite fun! Pictures will come for that.

The next morning we slept through our alarm (I'm convinced it didn't
go off, or else I turned it off in my half-asleep phase) and came out
to a flat tire. It was a rough start to a day, but we got it sorted

We got to partake of three different turkeys on thanksgiving day.
First at the Adams. They are a great family. Then at the Camerons.
They are one of my favorite older couples in the Ward. They support us
a lot. Their son joined us as well. Lastly, after a nap, we ate with
brother Bennett. Cody wasn't there, so we haven't been able to catch
up with him yet. We surely will soon.

We had fun pulling each other on the dolley and hauling book sale
books upstairs at the library. The two librarian ladies got a kick out
of it :) You can't take everything too seriously, or else it gets
boring. Make hard/boring jobs fun!

During the opening hymn in sacrament meeting yesterday, they
realized there was only one deacon and no priests for the sacrament.
Elder Schneider and I got sent up to help pass, but he got tapped out,
so I got to do it. It felt good to help with that sacred ordinance
once again in a different Ward.

We ended with dinner and pie at the Jarretts. They are super giddy
about their son coming home next week from his mission in Korea.                      

We've seen a few bad accidents on the highway since the roads have
held ice on them. Something I've thought about a little bit is how
tragedy turns people to God. We had a former investigator call and ask
us to pray for her son who had been in an accident. She said, 'I'm a
strong believer in prayer'. I'm glad that experience turned her toward
God instead of away, since that is their purpose. I hope we get a
second chance with her to really show her what God is all about.

The gospel is literally the way. Christ actually died and suffered for
us. God is legit. Don't forget that and get to know Him better this
week. He has the power.
This is the defrosting elder, out.

May the spirit be with you

Serving at the cafe

Elder Wylie got a new snow hat at the Thrift Store!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Xandaman update! Week 14

If I have another slice of pizza, I might turn into pizza! During
preparation day last week, we got pizza. Then we got more the next
three days for dinner. Too much, but it was good.

I guess me and elder Schneider got the ball and chain here in Belgrade
for another few weeks! I'm kinda glad because now we can keep working
with the great people we have found in the last couple weeks. Cody
isn't getting baptized this week though. We don't know exactly what's
going on, but he got talked out of coming to church or something.
Hopefully we can get his concerns straightened out. We did find an
amazing investigator (Actually three of them). Jesi, Amanda, and Monte
seem to be very interested and open to the gospel. Jesi was on the
edge of her seat when we were teaching her. She had a whole bunch of
questions and is really excited to know more. We're super excited for
them! There are a couple of others that seem to be good prospect, but I'll

tell you about them if they turn up good.

We played a dumb game at the Turners house last night called Mexican
horse race. It's dumb because it goes until you figure out the joke.
It's hilarious when you are on the other side of it though.

I can't believe how not cold it has been, especially today. I'm in
short sleeves! On the cold days, our car magically became a drifter ;)
The church parking lot was like an ice skating rink. Too fun!

Otherwise, the work is moving forth. It's an amazing experience to be
out here. This time of my life has only been dreamed of for a long
time. Now that I'm in it, it's the most exciting time I've ever been
in. Missionary work is the most important work. It doesn't take much,
but it takes looking out for each other and serving. It breaks my
heart to meet less active families that have great faith but have felt
like they have been ignored. Don't let that happen where you are! Look
out for everyone in need, no matter their appearance or circumstance.
We are all children of the most high God. He loves us all individually
so much. Share the love! Thank you for everything!
Elder Xandaman

May the spirit be with you

Monday, November 16, 2015

Xandaman update! Week 13

The snow is coming down today! It melted away through last week, but
now it's back.

There has been some pretty slow times this week. It's sometimes
painful when you don't have anything planned on a given night. But we
pressed forward in prayer and kept trying.

Some random highlights from the week: last night we got a surprise
thanksgiving dinner! We just called a member of our ward about
something and he invited us over. It was pretty good. We didn't eat as
much as we could have because we were saving room for some food at an
investigators house. But when we showed up, the investigator canceled
on us :( At least we got some food.

We also got to shelve children's books at the library. It sure does
take some effort to recite the alphabet in your head so many times,

Another investigator we are working with does fencing with his family!
They showed us their clothes, swords and helmets. Their passion for it
was pretty great.

The first ward elders lost their phone least night. It fell out onto a
members driveway and someone ran over it. This morning walking out of
the church after around-the-world, a kid from seminary had found their
phone and gave it back to them. It works fine gratefully!

I guess primary programs are going on all over the place. We got to
watch ours Sunday. Kids are pretty funny. Kids waving, crying,
dancing and speaking in the mic loudly every time. They are always
good and enjoyable.

Cody is so solid, still! His example is quite faith building. He told
his coworkers he is taking Sundays off now so he can go to church. He
reads the Book of Mormon every day. He just understands everything
very well and believes in it. I'm so excited for him! I hope I'll be
here though. Transfers are next week!

We had a great zone meeting last week, along with president/zone
leader interviews. There were some great principles taught and a great
spirit felt. Two things that I learned and are very important to me
are one, faith and desire is first, then skills come. Two, be the same
wherever you are. It's important to exercise your faith every day so
it grows. Desire comes from experiencing and feeling how great God
really is and how his commandments really work.

Being the same everywhere is important. People should be able to trust
you whether you are with them or not. We should have the integrity to
be good people around others or alone. I am trying to become more like

The last big thing I learned this past week is how love solves many
problems. If someone is bugging you, if you don't know what to say, if
you want to help someone, just love them, and you are covered. Your
service will be meaningful, your words uplifting, and enemies will be
stuffed(defeated). Genuine care for people solves a lot of problems.
I love you all and thank you for everything!

Elder Why Lee

May the spirit be with you

Montana sunsets are incredible

Monday, November 9, 2015

Xandaman update! Week 12

A little snow, a load of food, and a good amount of wisdom.

 This past week was a pretty good one. We got to do two exchanges this
week. First I went with Elder DeMille. Even though he is a little slow
at speech, he does at least a couple hundred push-ups every day, so he
is pretty built! We tracted in the rain. We got pretty wet, but we
survived :) Then this past weekend I was with Elder Kennedy. He has
been out as long as I have left. We talked about great things while we
drove back and forth and walked down the streets.

 The spirit touches and influences us in many different ways, like a
lot of ways. There are at least 30 different ways. Think about that!
He confirms truth, gives comfort, warns us, and puts thoughts into our
head, just to name a few. It's amazing how many promptings we might
miss if we don't look for some of the different ways the spirit speaks
to us. Start praying and identifying how the spirit speaks to you

 Cody is doing well. He has really felt peace reading the Book of
Mormon. We were over at the Bennetts for dinner last weekend. Brother
Bennett had all his kids over and it was a great time. We didn't know
all his kids would be there, so we had to change our message pretty
drastically :) 
It worked out great though, and the spirit was strong.

 Life is so good! This time is the most exciting time of my life at
least. My friends are going to big people school and/or serving
missions, and we are all having amazing experiences. Life is exciting!
Remember to always look to the future; don't dwell on the past.
Remember what you learned and move on! Thanks for all your support.

May the spirit be with you

P.s. I'm at Costco right now eating pizza. They all look the same!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Xandaman Update! Week 11

Brace yourselves! The snow is coming! I am getting mentally ready for
it to be -25 degrees. It probably won't get there soon, but it sure
could as I've heard! I am doing well no matter.

I never would have thought I would have so much Filipino food in
Montana. I've already had it twice! First with the Bakers (sister
baker served her mission there), and with a lady from the Philippines.

Let me tell you our experiences with this lady. We first met her at
the library. She told us she was doing a Halloween fundraiser to send
boxes of books she has been collecting for almost 20 years to the
Philippines to start a library! We said we could help her set up a
little bit. So Saturday we painted a little sign, put a hose in
front of her house, and put a sheet over some shelves, and she fed us
some authentic food. It was pretty good. I forgot what it was called,
but it wasn't too weird: lumpia and chicken and noodles basically.

Our ward trunk or treat was fun. There was some good food and good
costumes. We talked to a few people that we could, but we didn't get
much candy :) Halloween night was fun. After 6 we couldn't Proselyte,
so the Bakers invited us over. We had some good gospel discussion and
made meatloaf cordon bleu. It was good! They tallied 111 trick or
treaters. We ended the night with dessert at the Robisons.

The Robisons baptism was the same day, and it was awesome. Brother
Robison baptized his wife and two of his daughters. It took a few
times for him to get it just right, but that made it more memorable.
Elder Christensen baptized Oscar. It was his first time baptizing
someone. Of course, he accidentally said the wrong last name :) Again,
all for the memories.

We ran into a very interesting guy yesterday. He was definitely on
something pretty hardcore. I won't tell you the specifics of the
conversation, but it was a little upsetting. We got away from him
pretty quick.

But at least we ended the night on a very good note. I've told you
about Cody and brother Bennett already. We had a great dinner with him
again: jalapeƱo brots, giant shrimp, and mashed potatoes. He always
gives us the best. We put Cody on date for baptism for this month. I
hope I will be here to see it. He is an amazing guy.

I got to teach elders quorum with Elder Schneider yesterday. We based
it on the two talks, 'why the church', and 'it works wonderfully!'. I
encourage everyone to review those talks. The church is centered on
facilitating our conversion to Jesus Christ. We should make sure we
focus on the gospel in any aspect of our calling, because we are being
converted to Christ and his gospel, not the church. The church is the
way we live the gospel in a wonderful organization. Who wouldn't want
to be apart of Christs church?

I can testify that this is Gods kingdom on the earth. Sacrifice to the
Lord truly brings so many blessings. There is nothing better than
living the gospel. Stay strong everyone!
Elder the Wylie

May the spirit be with you