Monday, November 2, 2015

Xandaman Update! Week 11

Brace yourselves! The snow is coming! I am getting mentally ready for
it to be -25 degrees. It probably won't get there soon, but it sure
could as I've heard! I am doing well no matter.

I never would have thought I would have so much Filipino food in
Montana. I've already had it twice! First with the Bakers (sister
baker served her mission there), and with a lady from the Philippines.

Let me tell you our experiences with this lady. We first met her at
the library. She told us she was doing a Halloween fundraiser to send
boxes of books she has been collecting for almost 20 years to the
Philippines to start a library! We said we could help her set up a
little bit. So Saturday we painted a little sign, put a hose in
front of her house, and put a sheet over some shelves, and she fed us
some authentic food. It was pretty good. I forgot what it was called,
but it wasn't too weird: lumpia and chicken and noodles basically.

Our ward trunk or treat was fun. There was some good food and good
costumes. We talked to a few people that we could, but we didn't get
much candy :) Halloween night was fun. After 6 we couldn't Proselyte,
so the Bakers invited us over. We had some good gospel discussion and
made meatloaf cordon bleu. It was good! They tallied 111 trick or
treaters. We ended the night with dessert at the Robisons.

The Robisons baptism was the same day, and it was awesome. Brother
Robison baptized his wife and two of his daughters. It took a few
times for him to get it just right, but that made it more memorable.
Elder Christensen baptized Oscar. It was his first time baptizing
someone. Of course, he accidentally said the wrong last name :) Again,
all for the memories.

We ran into a very interesting guy yesterday. He was definitely on
something pretty hardcore. I won't tell you the specifics of the
conversation, but it was a little upsetting. We got away from him
pretty quick.

But at least we ended the night on a very good note. I've told you
about Cody and brother Bennett already. We had a great dinner with him
again: jalapeƱo brots, giant shrimp, and mashed potatoes. He always
gives us the best. We put Cody on date for baptism for this month. I
hope I will be here to see it. He is an amazing guy.

I got to teach elders quorum with Elder Schneider yesterday. We based
it on the two talks, 'why the church', and 'it works wonderfully!'. I
encourage everyone to review those talks. The church is centered on
facilitating our conversion to Jesus Christ. We should make sure we
focus on the gospel in any aspect of our calling, because we are being
converted to Christ and his gospel, not the church. The church is the
way we live the gospel in a wonderful organization. Who wouldn't want
to be apart of Christs church?

I can testify that this is Gods kingdom on the earth. Sacrifice to the
Lord truly brings so many blessings. There is nothing better than
living the gospel. Stay strong everyone!
Elder the Wylie

May the spirit be with you

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