Monday, November 16, 2015

Xandaman update! Week 13

The snow is coming down today! It melted away through last week, but
now it's back.

There has been some pretty slow times this week. It's sometimes
painful when you don't have anything planned on a given night. But we
pressed forward in prayer and kept trying.

Some random highlights from the week: last night we got a surprise
thanksgiving dinner! We just called a member of our ward about
something and he invited us over. It was pretty good. We didn't eat as
much as we could have because we were saving room for some food at an
investigators house. But when we showed up, the investigator canceled
on us :( At least we got some food.

We also got to shelve children's books at the library. It sure does
take some effort to recite the alphabet in your head so many times,

Another investigator we are working with does fencing with his family!
They showed us their clothes, swords and helmets. Their passion for it
was pretty great.

The first ward elders lost their phone least night. It fell out onto a
members driveway and someone ran over it. This morning walking out of
the church after around-the-world, a kid from seminary had found their
phone and gave it back to them. It works fine gratefully!

I guess primary programs are going on all over the place. We got to
watch ours Sunday. Kids are pretty funny. Kids waving, crying,
dancing and speaking in the mic loudly every time. They are always
good and enjoyable.

Cody is so solid, still! His example is quite faith building. He told
his coworkers he is taking Sundays off now so he can go to church. He
reads the Book of Mormon every day. He just understands everything
very well and believes in it. I'm so excited for him! I hope I'll be
here though. Transfers are next week!

We had a great zone meeting last week, along with president/zone
leader interviews. There were some great principles taught and a great
spirit felt. Two things that I learned and are very important to me
are one, faith and desire is first, then skills come. Two, be the same
wherever you are. It's important to exercise your faith every day so
it grows. Desire comes from experiencing and feeling how great God
really is and how his commandments really work.

Being the same everywhere is important. People should be able to trust
you whether you are with them or not. We should have the integrity to
be good people around others or alone. I am trying to become more like

The last big thing I learned this past week is how love solves many
problems. If someone is bugging you, if you don't know what to say, if
you want to help someone, just love them, and you are covered. Your
service will be meaningful, your words uplifting, and enemies will be
stuffed(defeated). Genuine care for people solves a lot of problems.
I love you all and thank you for everything!

Elder Why Lee

May the spirit be with you

Montana sunsets are incredible

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