Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Xandaman update! Week 14

If I have another slice of pizza, I might turn into pizza! During
preparation day last week, we got pizza. Then we got more the next
three days for dinner. Too much, but it was good.

I guess me and elder Schneider got the ball and chain here in Belgrade
for another few weeks! I'm kinda glad because now we can keep working
with the great people we have found in the last couple weeks. Cody
isn't getting baptized this week though. We don't know exactly what's
going on, but he got talked out of coming to church or something.
Hopefully we can get his concerns straightened out. We did find an
amazing investigator (Actually three of them). Jesi, Amanda, and Monte
seem to be very interested and open to the gospel. Jesi was on the
edge of her seat when we were teaching her. She had a whole bunch of
questions and is really excited to know more. We're super excited for
them! There are a couple of others that seem to be good prospect, but I'll

tell you about them if they turn up good.

We played a dumb game at the Turners house last night called Mexican
horse race. It's dumb because it goes until you figure out the joke.
It's hilarious when you are on the other side of it though.

I can't believe how not cold it has been, especially today. I'm in
short sleeves! On the cold days, our car magically became a drifter ;)
The church parking lot was like an ice skating rink. Too fun!

Otherwise, the work is moving forth. It's an amazing experience to be
out here. This time of my life has only been dreamed of for a long
time. Now that I'm in it, it's the most exciting time I've ever been
in. Missionary work is the most important work. It doesn't take much,
but it takes looking out for each other and serving. It breaks my
heart to meet less active families that have great faith but have felt
like they have been ignored. Don't let that happen where you are! Look
out for everyone in need, no matter their appearance or circumstance.
We are all children of the most high God. He loves us all individually
so much. Share the love! Thank you for everything!
Elder Xandaman

May the spirit be with you

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