Monday, November 30, 2015

Xandaman update! Week 15

From the frozen diaries of a defrosting elder:

When 20 degrees feels warm, you know you are in a winter wonderland.
It got down to zero when we were out a couple times tracting and
contacting this week. It has been quite an adventure :) We met a good
potential named Katie  but we met her funny kids first. The
notable one was this little black kid that came up to me and punched
me in the crotch! It was pretty funny.

Our unique adventure last Tuesday was at the Community Cafe. It's a
cool little business where you come and eat food, then donate what you
can. Elder Schneider and I got to scoop the food onto the plates. It
was quite fun! Pictures will come for that.

The next morning we slept through our alarm (I'm convinced it didn't
go off, or else I turned it off in my half-asleep phase) and came out
to a flat tire. It was a rough start to a day, but we got it sorted

We got to partake of three different turkeys on thanksgiving day.
First at the Adams. They are a great family. Then at the Camerons.
They are one of my favorite older couples in the Ward. They support us
a lot. Their son joined us as well. Lastly, after a nap, we ate with
brother Bennett. Cody wasn't there, so we haven't been able to catch
up with him yet. We surely will soon.

We had fun pulling each other on the dolley and hauling book sale
books upstairs at the library. The two librarian ladies got a kick out
of it :) You can't take everything too seriously, or else it gets
boring. Make hard/boring jobs fun!

During the opening hymn in sacrament meeting yesterday, they
realized there was only one deacon and no priests for the sacrament.
Elder Schneider and I got sent up to help pass, but he got tapped out,
so I got to do it. It felt good to help with that sacred ordinance
once again in a different Ward.

We ended with dinner and pie at the Jarretts. They are super giddy
about their son coming home next week from his mission in Korea.                      

We've seen a few bad accidents on the highway since the roads have
held ice on them. Something I've thought about a little bit is how
tragedy turns people to God. We had a former investigator call and ask
us to pray for her son who had been in an accident. She said, 'I'm a
strong believer in prayer'. I'm glad that experience turned her toward
God instead of away, since that is their purpose. I hope we get a
second chance with her to really show her what God is all about.

The gospel is literally the way. Christ actually died and suffered for
us. God is legit. Don't forget that and get to know Him better this
week. He has the power.
This is the defrosting elder, out.

May the spirit be with you

Serving at the cafe

Elder Wylie got a new snow hat at the Thrift Store!

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