Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Xandaman Update! Week 16

Where did the snow go? It got above 40 this past week! It seems that
Montana weather is pretty weird too, compared to Utah. 

We got to do some good service this week. We loaded a couple cords of wood into a
trailer with brother guptill and brother archer. I kept almost
dropping pieces of wood on everyone's toes :) Then we did some random
stuff at the library. We moved boxes of books, tied ribbons on paper
mitts, and moved chairs downstairs. We had to 'perform surgery' on the
book sale tables to get to the closet of chairs. It was fun.

I slipped on ice a couple of times. The first time, we were walking up
to a door in the dark, and Elder Schneider stepped on what looked like
an edge of a walk and almost slipped. As I started chuckling at him, I
stepped on the same spot and just about went to the ground! The second
time, elder Schneider was hiding behind a light pole, and I went to
give him a lift kick with my foot, but the ice blew my plan! It was
pretty funny.

We went to the Wheatleys for dinner, and later for a lesson, and the
little girl, Sarah, drew us a picture of a giraffe. I'll send an image
of it. Her little sister, violet, calls us the Olders :)

We met and taught a family that moved up here from Hurricane Utah.
They are a really fun blended family that have a lot of fun with each
other and anyone who visits. We also met an awesome humble guy, Dana,
who loves to serve others and will feed anyone who walks in his door.
He loves to just talk to anyone. We have good hopes for him.

We got a Montana Christmas going on up here at the Guptills house. We
got lights strung across mounted antlers and a mini tree all set up.
We're helping people feel the real Christmas spirit :) Go watch the
new Christmas video on Christmas.mormon.org. It really portrays why
Christ is the center of our lives, even if we don't know it. He is the
reason we celebrate and get together. Don't forget to thank Him and
give Him a gift this year :)

Keep looking out for each other and serving each other, and especially
spending time with each other. It goes a long way. Thanks for all your
support :)

Older Wylie

May the spirit be with you
Rudolph's replacement

Montana Christmas apartment
Tree from home

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