Monday, December 14, 2015

Xandaman update! Week 17

Don't put chocolate in your suit pocket. Even if it's brown. Elder
Schneider got it out pretty good, but he'll probably have to dry clean
it :) Also, use milk with hot chocolate, not water! It's so much

This week has been pretty great, full of good experiences and good
people. We had a little exchange on Tuesday. I got to stay in my area
and elder stone came with me. He's a really cool guy. We talked about
cool ideas and helped each other grow. He's the one that beat boxes
and plays the drums. I taught him a new beat boxing noise :) He has
great potential to be an apostle one day, as we all say here.

We were at the library the other day and it started hailing really
hard. Elder Schneider was pumped to take the recycling out in the
hail, so we did. We felt like warriors :)

Two mentionable members this week. The first is brother Teters. He's a
single handyman that likes sandwiches. We've gotten rides and food
with him a bunch. He got us some pickle barrel sandwiches the other
day. He showed us some pictures of his handiwork and old mission and
hunting pictures. He's really funny, is pretty laid back and likes to
mess around with everyone.

The second member is brother Glushko. He's a recent convert with a
hilarious personality. We ate at his house on Saturday after he got
back from a overnight camp out with the scouts. He was tired, but we
had a good meal and lesson with him. They are really good people.

We had some cool inspiration this week. Yesterday we were driving
around a neighborhood before dinner, and I had a thought to knock on a
certain couple houses. The first house, we were talking to a lady, and
we heard her husbands voice in the background, 'We don't believe in
it, thanks!'. The next house however was the cool one. We started
talking to her and I thought I recognized her. Soon enough, she said,
'I think I've met you guys before', and it clicked. We found her at
the park two months before and couldn't find her again. I'm glad we
stopped to knock on her door.

We also had a night where two lessons fell through, and we were
sitting anxiously at home trying to figure out things. We decided,
instead of giving up and staying home to get a ride out to the river
rock neighborhood and contact some people. We set up a lesson with a
new recent convert and, as we were walking up the street, talked to an
amazingly open minded lady. She basically said, 'why do you guys get
such a bad rap?', 'I would be more open to Mormonism than most
people', and 'I will definitely read and pray about the Book of
Mormon.'! We were so exited! I really hope she comes through. We will
see this week.

We also were able to sit down with Jacob and Shena. They have a little
family of their own, and they are super open to talk to us too! We
basically taught a whole lesson with them which we didn't plan on. I'm
excited for them too. I hope their busy schedule doesn't affect their
progress too much.

Church was pretty packed on Sunday and I'm sure it will be next week
too. We got to meet the famous Dexter Jarrett! He returned from his
mission in Korea Friday night. His parents were so excited for him,
since he is their only child. He wants to come out with the
missionaries still. It was weird to see a missionary come home. I
still have twenty months until that's me. I'm grateful for all the
support I get from all of you: family and friends both.
I'm so happy to see the progress and changes I am making. I'm becoming
more bold and confident in what I do.

Thanks for everything!
Elder Wylie

May the spirit be with you

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