Monday, December 21, 2015

Xandaman Update! Week 18

Ice on the road is sketchy! Last Tuesday we had a big Christmas zone
conference in Billings. Everyone in Bozeman, billings, and the Wyoming
stakes came up, and it was a blast. However, it was a long drive
because we drove an average of 35-40 mph the whole 130 miles. It was
slick, especially a day after a big snow storm, but president went
through with it.

Everyone got to sing and some got to bear testimony about the
atonement on their mission. The atonement is so infinite and powerful.
Take advantage of it: it's for you!

The second part of the conference was made up of a few different
things. We got a good lunch, that's for sure. They also showed a slide
show of pictures of all the missionaries during Christmas in the past.
Some of them were pretty funny. Then they showed a sweet rap video
about the restoration that one of the former assistants made with some
other missionaries. It was really cool. It got me excited to use my
talents to share the gospel.

Then, the most unexpected happened. President Wadsworth ran into the
gym yelling and waving his arms saying, "guess what? Have you heard?
Santa is coming!" Then he made us sing loudly so 'Santa could hear
us'. Santa and one of his elves came in and we got to take crazy
pictures with them (the assistants dressed up). It was funny.

Even though they weren't interested in the gospel, we had a few nice
giving people this week. One was this older couple that are raising
their grandson and granddaughter. They have been through a lot, but
when we visited them, they gave us milk and cookies! Another lady last
night said, 'I'll tell you right now, I'm not interested. But do you
want some cookies?'. It was super nice. I appreciate those people a

Ward Christmas parties are pretty great, even up here. They aren't too
different really. Good food, music, and lots of people to talk to. The
funny thing is, we got to perform in the first ward's Christmas party!
Elder Christensen signed us four up to sing, and it was fun. I actually
laid down the beat for the other three :)

Last night, we actually took our little quartet to the streets.
Caroling is pretty fun! For some reason it was a little scarier then
teaching on the doorstep :) One of the houses we stopped at, the
Mclaughlins, really liked our music. Later, they called us back to
have hot chocolate because we looked cold! They are so sweet. We got
to sit down and get to know them pretty good. They are such a great

It's really amazing when you use the talents God has given you to
proclaim the gospel. It's also important to remember that it's the
Lords work. We were walking through the park to go visit a couple of
people, and I felt like we needed to pray for more guidance. When I
did, I had the thought that we needed to follow promptings. A moment
later, elder Schneider said, 'I feel like we need to follow
promptings'! I knew instantly that was our answer. We talked to a lot
more people that day because of it.

The Holy Ghost is truly there. God truly loves each of you. Use your
talents to share the gospel! It's really fun. Keep moving forward, as
will I. Thank you for everything!

Elder Smiley (rusty)

May the spirit be with you

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