Monday, December 28, 2015

Xandaman update! Week 19

-(Talk show intro music)
-Hello, and welcome to this weeks episode of.... Mission life!  My
name is Rusty bagelface, and I will be your host this evening. Today
we are going to be talking with Elder Wylie about his week up in
Belgrade Montana. So, elder Wylie. Tell us about your week.
-Well, I guess to start off, we are in a trio now.
-You what?
-Ya, we're in a tripanionship.
-Oh wow, what did you do to be put into a trial, haha? (Crowd laugh)
-Haha, some people would call it a trial, but we work well together
and get along, so it's actually really fun.
-Okay, I see. So who is the third elder then? Tell us about him.
-His name is elder potter, and...
-I assume his first name is Harry, correct? Haha (crowd laugh)
-Haha, no, but you're not the first to say that this week. Anyways, he
was serving in three forks and ennis until his companion had to, you
know, take care of some things, so elder potter came and joined us
here in Belgrade.
-Three forks and Ennis, huh? Those are like an hour apart.
-Ya, they sure are. His area is as big as some big city missions.
-Are you still covering those areas as well as Belgrade?
-Not Ennis, but we have been over to Three forks. We are also going
there this Wednesday. 
-Oh, okay.
-The apartment is super small though.
-Ya, its like the size of a large shed.
-Oh wow.
-But it's pretty nice. I'm excited to stay there for a night.
-Ya, that'll be fun. So how was Christmas for you guys?
-Ah, it was fun. We saw a moose!
-No way! Really?
-Ya, it was big. We chased it around the middle school....
-You chased it!? Isn't that illegal?
-Haha, we didn't really chase it, we just followed it so we could take
pictures of it. It was pretty big.
-Ya, I bet. That's a pretty sweet Christmas present.
-It sure was. We also had some good food with members both on
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
-Oh ya?
-Ya, first we went to the Adams and had pizza and wings, which is
their Christmas Eve tradition.
-That's ... Not a bad one.
-Ya, and then we went to the Felkins for three hours.
-Three hours huh?
-Ya, we got stuck playing monopoly. We probably shouldn't have stayed
so long, but it was good, including the food.
-Ya, I guess whatever happens happens right!
-What about Christmas Day?
-We ate at the Williams for breakfast, and the Glushkos for dinner.
They were both delicious.
-That's good.
-Yes. And we opened our presents together too. Mostly candy, and a few
other useful/comfort items. But the best was skype calling my family.
-Oh ya, you get to do that. How was that?
-It was great! It was pretty weird though.
-How so?
-Right before I was gonna call, I got nervous and went to the bathroom, haha
-Then I saw they called a couple of times while I was in, so I just
called them back.
-oh ok.
-But anyway, it was great to see my family. I haven't seen them for 4
and 1/2 months! I also got to see my cousin who got home from her
mission in Florida a couple weeks ago.
-Oh, cool!
-Ya. She gave me some good advice from 'preach my gospel' that I needed.
-and what's that?
-I need to be confident in Christ, not only in my own skills and abilities.
-That's very good.
-It sure is. It was also fun to see my new niece.
-Aw, ya that would be nice.
-But otherwise, Christmas was great.
-That's good to hear. Anything else you want to mention?
-Well, Saturday night, we spent about 2 hours bouncing from house to
house trying to get into a home to share a message, but nobody was
-Aw man.
-Ya, it was a little frustrating. But finally, we visited some
members, the Iversons, who let us in, let us share a message, and
showed us their unfinished basement we are going to help them finish!
-That's great!
-Ya, I'm excited to paint and put some tile in.
-Haha, sounds like fun. Well, thank you for sharing a little about
your week. Before we let elder Wylie go, I'm gonna ask him to bear his
testimony. Is that okay?
-Ok, great. Go ahead.
-Well, I just gotta say, my mission so far has been a great
experience. I have grown a lot and I'm still learning and having so
many great experiences to help me become who I need to become. That's
definitely something I have come to learn. The gospel of Jesus Christ
is not there just to help us Overcome, but to Become. Heavenly Father
loves us, so he created the plan of salvation so we can all have the
opportunity to Become. To Become something greater does take a lot of
overcoming. That is the purpose of our trials and obstacles. To be
able to overcome anything, however, we need to first be placed in a
situation where there is room for improvement. The Savior is the key
that gives us the ability in this earthly life to improve. Because of
him, we can live again, we can repent and be forgiven and clean, we
can have hope, we can Become.
 I know this is Heavenly Father and Christ's gospel. This is His kingdom on the earth. We are his sons and daughters whom he loves very much, enough to give his son to us, to
die and suffer for us. What an amazing gift that we must take
advantage of each day, each week to Become who we really are. In the
name of Jesus Christ, amen.
-Thank you so much elder Wylie. And thank you all for tuning in this
week. Until next time, folks! (Cheesy smile and wave)

May the spirit be with you
Elder Wylie

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