Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Xandaman update! Week 21: change is good

A motorcyclist cut my hair, a bird landed on my head, and I'm covering
two wards with no car! What a blast.

My last couple days with elder Schneider and elder potter were good.
We got haircuts from this motorcyclist guy named Max. He's pretty
chill, is somewhat religious, and loves his little Sua Vecito shop. He
has his bikes scattered around in there with some Marylyn Monroe
posters. I thoroughly enjoyed that haircut! It was literally the best
head care I've ever had. He used a plain razor blade and smell good
aftershave to finish it off. I could do that more often :)

We had to clean out the Guptills basement Wednesday morning. They
aren't going to be housing missionaries anymore. They have a
bunch of family coming in this summer. Now me and elder McKell get our
own place! We have kind of a command center going on in our living
room that elders Pett and Christensen started. We have two giant
whiteboards and a big map up, so we can see our area and all the
priority people we're working with. We are definitely taking advantage
of it.

Serving in two wards now is pretty fun. We both have new people to
meet, we get our dinner calendar packed full, we get more ride
options, more streets to tract, and 6 hours of church! Fun fun.
Without a car, we have been walking a lot more. It actually feels
really good and helps me sleep better at night. We found a potential
on a street called 'sheep shank', and while we were talking to her, a
little bird decided to take a two second rest on my head. I kind of
jolted my head so it flew away. It was funny. At the end of the
street, this lady told us someone further up the street called and
told her the jehovah witnesses were coming. I thought that only
happened in Vermont :)

A couple of nights we had two dinners because we had people sign up
ahead of time from both wards. Both nights we were surely filled.
There is a truck stop restaurant that is actually pretty amazing. They
have tasty bacon and giant pancakes, and I mean giant! I could hardly
finish two of them. Another night we ate at the Barbers from the first
Ward. That is where a recent convert lives, Corey. He was baptized
last month and got married to one of the barber kids. After some
delicious T-bone steak, we taught him a great plan of salvation lesson
with the spirit. I'm glad we have compatible teaching styles. We also
had a cool lesson with Noah. Noah works in construction, likes
snowboarding and loves his kids. His cousin from Bozeman, max, came up
for the lesson. He's an awesome guy too. He has a nice Mexican accent
:) He really wants to go on a mission and admires what we do. We read
from the book of Mormon and bore strong testimony to Noah, and he
seems to be feeling the spirit influence his life as well. I hope he
comes to church next week.

As for Angela, her progress is on hold for the moment. The last
message we heard from her was she wasn't ready to join the Mormon
church yet. She hasn't been home when we go over there and she hasn't
responded to any messages. I really hope we can help resolve any
conflicts that have come up!

Something I learned at church last week was about our friendship with
God. We know he is always there for us, but are we always there for
him? Do we listen to his words, do what he knows will make us happy?
This idea put a new perspective on my relationship with God. I sure
want to be His friend, because I know he really wants to be my friend
as well.

Thank you all for everything! All the Christmas letters I got were a
joy to open. I love you all!

Elder Alex Wylie

May the spirit be with you

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