Monday, January 18, 2016

Xandaman update! Week 22: missionaries as movers

(Imagine listening to this as a old tape recording in the voice of me
as an old man):

Well let me tell ya, my young whipper snappers, about one of my weeks
on the mission. Let me pull out one of my old journals here and see
what we can find. Ah, yes, here we are. There was this one day I got
to meet Jeff King. He was a very interesting man, as experienced and
well learned as he was. He invited us over for lunch one day, just
because he felt like it. He served us 'brots' in German bread, which
is very tough bread to eat because it is so...tough. He also pulled
out a couple of other appetizers that he thought would please us, such
as chips and salsa, and oranges. Anyways, he was telling us about when
he was on his mission in Germany, he was a district leader, and some
sisters in his district spray painted the whole plan of salvation
right onto the Berlin Wall! How crazy is that? They even signed their
names on it! Phew, if I was their district leader, well they would
have......oh, well, never mind. He has been through a lot more than
that, however, but I should get on with the week. He also had been
writing several books that he was in the process of getting published.
They are very intriguing, I should say. Some good non-fiction for the
intellectual reader.

There was another day that we went to do some service at the local
thrift shop, and we found one of our investigators doing service as
well! His name was Noah. He was a kind of quiet guy, but he was a hard
worker. He actually took us to lunch at the truck stop restaurant
after we finished sorting the very cluttered basement. I remember
riding in his well used work truck full of construction materials and
a bucket seat to sit on up front. It was a fun ride, haha. We had
tried for a couple of weeks to get him to church, but something always
seems to come up, doesn't it?

Ah, speaking of fun rides, brother Richards was a pretty wild guy.
They were a fun young couple to talk to. I remember they always liked
us to teach from random scriptures from the Book of Mormon. They
called it 'book of Mormon roulette'. It worked out for a good lesson
actually. Like I said before, brother Richards is a crazy driver. As
he was taking us to our next appointment, he managed to drive in
reverse for about a block, and then e-brake drift into the driveway.
It was quite fun.

Oh yes, this is the transfer that we went without a car. Ever since
our original car was totaled because of damage caused by some other
missionary, we had to go without a car for the whole transfer. And
mind you our area wasn't small! I don't think there are very many
areas in our mission smaller than the town of Belgrade. We did plenty
of walking and bugging members for rides. My companion at the time was
getting a little beat from the cold, or at least his throat was. He
was coughing a lot and almost lost his voice. Luckily he got better
pretty quickly.

Hmm, let's see here (sound of page turns). You know, something we
learned pretty quickly about wards that are spread out is the records
for less actives can become very inaccurate over time. We visited a
lot of members houses that showed up on the records that haven't lived
there for years! Now, if everyone did their home teaching....well,
that wouldn't be a problem now would it? Why doesn't everyone
just.....ok ok sorry. (Sigh)

Something members are good at though is helping people move. We helped
about 3 people move their stuff that weekend. It was quite enjoyable
actually. Sister smith, who moved to Bozeman, was grateful for our
'youth', haha. If only I had that now.

I guess even young people have a hard time physically. I remember one
night we visited sister fife, who was having a problem with her leg,
it don't remember what but it kept her on crutches. Haha, oh yeah, I
was walking up to the door in the dark, and the ice must have had
something against me, because it threw me down pretty hard! My feet
scrambled, and before I knew it, my legs were over my head, and I
slammed to the concrete. I remember brother tanner, who kindly gave us
a ride, saw the whole thing. It was quite amusing....afterward.

Um...(sound of page flip) Something I discovered in Montana was that
people like their nice cars. We were at the Delphs teaching them and
flavia, who was an exchange student from Brazil, and after we had a
long chat, brother delph took us home in his new Denali. I don't
remember much, but it was a super nice car. I realized then how many
people in Montana, members especially, have super nice cars and more
often, trucks. I don't mind driving an old lemon myself, but I guess
that's just me.

Oh yes, we had a very good zone meeting that week as well. We talked
about how to become consecrated missionaries. Let me tell you, that is
something missionaries must do, is become consecrated. They must place
their fear and pride on the altar so they can become the most
effective servants of the Lord that they possibly can. That way, you
can actually change your nature, not just your behavior. That is the
key that sets apart normal missionaries from consecrated missionaries,
is that they strive to change their nature, and bring it closer to the
nature of Christ. I'm glad I learned that early on. So all you young
kids going on missions, strive to be consecrated missionaries and you
will see the Lord change you!

All right, how do you turn this off? Ok, there it is. (Tape player click sound)

May the spirit be with you

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