Monday, January 25, 2016

Xandaman update! Week 23: we aren't a moving service

Hello, we are the L.D.S. Church, aka your local moving service! Call
us anytime you need help, and we will rally up as many members that
are available and we will give you a hand!

Apparently, that is what some people think of us as. We had a lady
call the institute saying she needed help moving furniture out of her
apartment. She is a non member who knows a little bit about the
church. Brother baker wasn't to happy to hear that someone did that.
It was amusing :) But it ended up being a great experience. She
actually has been struggling with cancer and needed to move closer to
family, so she called those she knew would help, namely us. Brother
Glushko came to help pack the truck with her furniture, and we sure are glad he came! He walked in and took charge like a boss, rearranging
the truck and telling us what to move and where. He was a great help.
He is also a great member missionary! He led us in prayer after we
were done and she opened up a little bit. (She actually added onto his
prayer in the middle of it, it was great) She said she loves to take
care of the missionaries wherever they're at. I hope we planted a good
seed in her heart!

I want to learn a new language so bad! Sitting in a lesson with a
bunch of bilinguals is pretty intriguing. We went with brother
Pommerville (a member who served in Chile) to visit the Vasquez family
(recent converts: the father speaks Spanish and a little English and
the two teenagers speak Spanish and good English) the other night, and
it was cool. Brother Pommerville mostly talked with Baltas (the
father) and Yovani (son, 15) in Spanish for the whole visit, and
brother Pommerville and Yovani occasionally filled us in. I could
understand about 6% of the Spanish conversation. But it made me
decide, when I get home, I'm going to learn to speak Spanish! I've
always wanted to, but now I have no doubt.

Something else this week: Angela dropped us! I still can't believe how
someone could have such a powerful spiritual experience and still
reject it! I guess it's not the first time in human history. We
finally got in contact with her, and she didn't even let us in the
door, or give us a chance to talk about it. I could tell something
changed in her. Some opposing idea was placed in her mind and
motivated her to reject the gospel. I hope she will turn up again in
the future. At least we have some great potential still!

We had some good visits with recent converts this week. First we met
with Corey, who was baptized and married last month. He's a cool guy
and fun to be around. I learned that he is a drummer too :) He showed
us a small snippet of a band he likes called 'For Today'. It's
basically Christian metal. I don't think it's the most reverent, but I
won't deter him from listening to it :) After I beat elder Mckell in a
chess game, we showed him the video, 'good things to come'. Amidst the
bondage of trial and hardship we are in, we can stand strong with the
hope that good things are coming in our future. Christ is really the
center of that hope.

Another awesome recent convert family is the Robisons. They are the
ones that showed up to church last summer and got baptized soon after.
Brother Robison gave us a ride out to his house for dinner Friday
night, which is about 13 miles north of Belgrade. He was telling us
about how his pigs have eaten about 15 of their chickens! I didn't
know pigs ate chickens! Now they are only getting about 4 eggs a day,
so their gonna have to replace those chickens. They recently started
home school with their 5 kids, and they love it. They got a little
beagle puppy that is more chubby than Dixie ever was! The kids like
choosing Mormon messages to watch after each lesson. We forgot to
bring them candy, which is what Elder Christensen and elder Pett used
to do. They had to answer questions about the lesson, and they would
get candy. At least they had cookies anyway.

We got to watch the worldwide missionary broadcast Wednesday. It
was really good. It re-energized me to work harder, let the spirit
guide in lessons, listen, use members, and teach less-active families.
I was able to learn personally what I needed to hear from the spirit
which was awesome. The prophet and the apostles are truly men of God.

I want to leave with this thought. When we had dinner with the bakers
the other night, brother baker was telling us about a lightbulb moment
he had after attending a funeral. He was sitting in a stake conference
after a funeral, and he realized what the sacrament really was. If you
think of a 'Mormon funeral', you have the casket, music to invite the
spirit, talks celebrating the persons life. Well isn't sacrament
meeting just like that? We have the sacrament table with a white cloth
covering the emblems representing Christs blood and body, music to
invite the spirit, talks centered on remembering the savior, his life,
death, and resurrection? It's so true! Every sacrament meeting should
be like the Saviors funeral. If you were invited to His funeral, would
you do everything you could to be there? Would a job, a sporting
event, or even your bed stop you from going? Absolutely not! Think of
what the sacrament really means, and commit to get there every week! I
know the atonement has real power, and I'm grateful for the sacrament,
in which we get to take advantage of that atonement.
Thanks again for all your love and support!
Elder Wylie

May the spirit be with you

Still our funny boy!

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