Monday, February 29, 2016

Xandaman Update! Week 28

At least my parents are telling me where they're going so I don't end
up like the guy in the RM movie ;)

I had a pretty delicious five guys burger the other day. Sister Meyle
bought it for us, and it was like throwback Thursday, but it was Wednesday.

Here are some clippings from the week:

Flavia, the foreign exchange student living with the Delph's, is so
solid! She has had some super cool spiritual experiences that have
made it clear to her she is doing the right thing taking the lessons.
She can't get baptized until she goes back to Brazil, but it is super
cool! She's gonna go convert her friends and family!

The Nelsons, a family in Amsterdam (just west of Belgrade, not on the
east coast), invited us over to teach some investigators/less-actives
they have found that are interested. They are all older people, so it
is fun to listen to their comments. We are going there tonight too.
Last week the two investigators didn't actually show up because of
work, so we just did an FHE thing for them. It was fun! Tonight should
be great!

The Pruitts are a funny less-active family. Brother Pruitt and his son
were talking about the most random stuff while we were there, like
Area 51, technology, and so on. But right before we left, he pulled us
back and whispered, 'what time is church?'. They do want to go to
church again. I don't know why they didn't come yesterday, but we will
go and see!

The Vasquez family is really sweet. Brother Vasquez really wants his
kids, Juan and yovani to learn good values and read the scriptures,
but his job is getting in the way. Brother coltrin is a really good
powerful speaker, and he can speak Spanish. He was sure the right
member to bring to the vasquez's that night. We are praying that he
will be able to get a new job!

Sunday was quite the adventure! We started out at ward council in the
first ward, then went to the beginning of first ward sacrament, then
left to go to second ward council, then jumped over to first ward
gospel principles, then quickly got pulled out of there to sit with an
investigator (Noah and his three kids) in second ward sacrament
meeting, which went well, then breezed over to second ward gospel
principles, then went to elders quorum, where we drove out to help
brother Thorpe move, then bounced back to the church to get to the
Roths to help them move in! Wowee! We helped the Roths move some super
heavy safes, which almost ripped Bruce's shoulder out. Sister Roth,
who grew up in Hong Kong, then England, then South Africa, made all of
us some spicy fried rice, which was really good! People just like to
move around a lot in Belgrade! It's crazy! But it's a good opportunity
for us.

We ended last night with a good missionary fireside. It was a small
crowd, but there was enough people to ask good questions about
missionary work. Us, the turners (who have two missionaries out), and
Alex chidester (a prospective missionary) sat at the front of the room
acting as a panel to answer questions. There were questions asked
like, 'should my son wait a year?' to 'what are your fears as a
missionary'. It made me realize once again how great my calling is.
I'm meant to be up here under the big sky heeding the Spirit to help
me teach and find. It really is a miraculous and inspired program. I
am glad I get to be a part of it at this time! Thanks for all your
support for me and my family! May God bless you for all you do!

Elder Wylie

May the Spirit be with you

Alex always appreciates the members feeding him!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Xandaman update! Week 27: a good week

Well, I got a new iPad! The one I tried to get fixed got eaten by the apple repair team, so they just gave me a new one. It took a while, but now that we have sufficient tools to do the Lords work, we are putting in work.

My new district leader is elder McMahon (sounds like 'mcMan') who was Elder Schneider's trainer. He's a crazy kid. He will add some spaz to the district. We actually have sisters in our district now, except they are way down in Ennis, which is an hour south-west of Bozeman. I'm glad Ennis finally gets its own missionaries. The Three forks elders needed a break from traveling to Ennis. 

When we went to Gina fife's house on Monday, we watched Kenny eat around 17 pancakes and proceeded to play 'prime climb' and 'yahtzee'. They are too fun! It's almost hard to share a message sometimes, but we try :)

Hector Bennett is one of my favorite people ever! We had dinner at his house on Wednesday and it's always really great. We have had a lot of pizza this week and last week, so I told elder Mckell we could depend on brother Bennett not having pizza. But guess what we had? Dominos pizza! Oh well, it's still good. Gabe and Cody Clements were there, along with brother Bennett's kids who normally live in Canada. Gabe is Cody's dad FYI. He has really great ideas about God and life, similar to what made Cody such a good investigator. We are starting to teach Gabe more and hopefully he will actually commit to something. Brother Bennett says Gabe lets his pride keep him from coming to church. Hopefully he will let the Spirit touch his heart a little bit.

Julie is also a pretty sweet investigator. She is very curious and intrigued by the Book of Mormon and modern prophets. I believe and hope she will continue to be open.

We were tracting the other day, and after we introduced ourselves, this lady asked, 'how long are you guys doing this? My husband needs to hear this.' I was so pumped to have this miracle person to come teach, and so we went the next day, and he answered and said, 'I think I'm good. Have a nice day.' Well that was a let down! But that's okay, because there are other miracles blossoming in other areas :)

Bishop Halgren gave us a referral of a new part-member couple that wanted us to come over. We stopped by later that day, and they are fun to talk to! They just moved from Idaho, and for an interesting reason. They felt judged and left out at their ward. It sounded like the people in their ward were secured to their own clicks and weren't every inviting. I really haven't heard good things from the church in Idaho! What's going on over there? I'm sure it's not all bad, but it doesn't seem quite right. Anyways, Bruce and Camera (I think their names are :)) are really funny. She is from I think the Philippines and he is from here. She got baptized after staying with a Mormon family as a foreign exchange student. He is basically a 'dry mormon' in her words. Hopefully we can teach him and make him a 'wet Mormon' :) They have those funny looking Persian cats with the flat faces. She said they like to be diverse, so one of the cats was 'white power', one was 'black', and they used to have one that Anyways, they are funny. We are helping them move in more stuff next week! We just can't get away from moving people!

There was a funeral in Bozeman that we didn't attend to, but it was for Tim Delph. He was a famous fisherman who had hundreds of rewards and world records apparently. He is the father of one of the members here in the first ward. He was a cool guy.

This weekend was stake conference for the Bozeman stake. I'm the only one that has been here since the last Bozeman stake conference! It was really good. President Repture is an awesome stake president. He kinda looks like ferris buhler, but with a great spiritual inspirational personality :) President and sister Wadsworth were there, along with the Billings temple president and his wife. 

Some principles I learned from the conference:

- Respect the priesthood you hold by your appearance. It's been a commonality in the Bozeman stake for the leaders in each ward to be clean shaven and wear a white shirt and normal tie. 
- We need to exercise our faith in finding people to invite to learn more about the gospel, enduring our trials, and keeping the sabbath day holy.
- Brother Rogers in our ward has been through a lot lately. He talked about how we need to spend one on one time with our family. He goes on 'dates' with each of his kids to spend time with them. His wife was recently diagnosed with treatable MS, which was a shock to their family. They are sure getting a lot of support and love.
- The best way to know if the gospel is true is to live it.

President Wadsworth interviewed all of us on Saturday. He is so in tune with the Spirit and is easy to talk to. 

When we were talking to the youth about the missionary schedule, it led me to think about my missionary efforts as a youth. I was not a good member missionary as a youth! I didn't invite much, nor fellowship much. I feel bad. I guess I just have to make it up now that I'm full time. Don't let missionary opportunities pass you by!
Well, that's all I've got for now. Thanks for reading this :)
Elder Wylie Coyote

May the spirit be with you

Monday, February 15, 2016

Xandaman Update! Week 26: what is my purpose here?

Am I going to be here forever? No, but at least another 6 weeks with
elder McKell! I'm excited, and kinda glad I get to be here a little
longer. There are some good people here that I really want to help

This one is going to be another quick one. I got little time :)
I found out who I'm going to talk to when I want to become a
millionaire :) Brother Coltrin knows how to do it. Basically he has a
huge house which includes three super nice living quarters that people
come and rent out. Also he said, "don't do a 401K or the stock market.
That's not investing"! I want to see what he has to say, maybe after
my mission.

I did an exchange with elder Potter Wednesday. It was fun to serve
with him again for a little bit before he heads up to whitefish this
week(that's up by kalispel).  We adopted some stuffed animals that the
library was going to throw away. I'll try to get some pictures
sometime :)

I've learned it's so important to have a lot of contact with our
investigators! Jesi, who was an awesome potential referral, dropped us
the other day. We haven't had contact with her for a long time. It
doesn't take long for the adversary to step in and shove people off
the path to salvation. On a positive note, we have been sending out a
spiritual thought text every night for the past few weeks, and it has
been great! Everyone that gets it loves it!

We need spiritual food everyday, or the adversary has more opportunity
to starve you! So read your scriptures and pray every single day!
Don't let anything get in the way.
I hope you all are striving to have the spirit with you! Love y'all!

Elder Wylie, the great

May the spirit be with you

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Xandaman Update! Week 25: the Lord gets us nice cars

My iPad is still getting fixed. Actually, I don't know what their
doing with it. It's a long story. I'll tell you someday :)

Some things I learned this week:

- Knocking on doors during the super bowl isn't too effective;
We talked to a few people, and they were all watching the game, so we
just set up another time to come back to each one. They were all
members too.

- Everyone in Kentucky is related;
Jeff King's brother likes to talk. We went over to the Kings for
dinner, and I somehow put down three burritos! The Kings are really
fun to talk to, or at least listen to. They have a lot of stories to
tell. His brother was telling us about how everyone in Kentucky are
cousins because...ya. Jeff also told about the most amazing senior
prank ever! I can't tell you al of it, but it involves frozen skunks
and a furnace room :)

- Teaching the law of chastity is uncomfortable, no matter how old you are;
First, we taught it to the Robison kids. We had to keep it pretty
simple, but we made it through. Brother and sister Robison are really
good at teaching their kids as we teach them. Then sister Mason taught
it on the spot in gospel principles. She did a good job, but she said
it was hard to teach even in there.

- Everyone gets hurt in church ball (don't worry, it wasn't me)
Alex Chidester broke his nose and brother Robison busted his knee! I
guess Trevor got a black eye I hear :) I don't think I want to play
church ball anymore!

- When you have a 10,000 square foot garage/barn, you can fit four
dump trucks, an RV, and a man cave!
We got to meet Ward Barnes, who has a trucking business and owns a
10,000 square foot garage/barn! He can fit four dump trucks trailers,
a man cave, RV, office and living quarters! It's pretty sweet.

- Driving a 2014 Ford Fusion is really fun, especially when you
haven't had a car for 5 weeks!
We got a call Friday morning from elder Baird, the car guy, saying
president was going to be dropping off a car for us Friday. Sure
enough, on their way back from Missoula, president and his wife met us
at our church building to give us our Ford Fusion. They travel a lot!
We still like walking too so sometimes we still walk to save miles and
keep fit :)

- And of course, the Lord knows exactly how to help the people you teach!
We went to the Wolfs for dinner Friday night. They are such a sweet
little family that have been through a lot lately. We showed them the
'good things to come' Mormon message (go watch it) and shared Moroni
7:40-41 about hope. It is so confirming to hear, 'that's just what we

I know this is the Lords work, and even when people aren't
making the right choices or keeping commitments, all you can do is
bring the spirit 'unto' their hearts, not 'into'. That's up to their
agency. I love talking to people now, it's kinda weird. It does take
some energy out of me for sure, but I can feel myself changing because
of the work I do. Thanks y'all for remembering me :) Remember your
Savior this week! Peace out.

Elder Wylie Wiley whylee

May the spirit be with you

Monday, February 1, 2016

Xandaman Update! Week 24: they kidnapped my iPad

Hey world! This one is gonna be brief because my iPad is in for repairs. Elder Schneider would deny it, but I'm pretty sure the piece of candy he threw at it a few weeks ago hit the screen and there was a big black bar all the way across it. I hope I can get it back soon!

We got to go to the Community Cafe again! This time we actually got to be servers! Even though I would never want to be a waiter for a job, doing for a night or two can be fun. It's the only 'pay what you can' restaurant in Montana I believe, so all sorts of people come through, even if they don't need to. I would go there if they had one in Utah :)

We visited a less active couple the other day. Their house is part of a storage unit office, since they work there. Brother Diamond wants to be a live auctioneer, and he loves snakes! I couldn't believe it when he said he has an 37 1/2 foot long anaconda that eats live pigs! That's just scary!

We also had a good lesson with Lisa and her kids. The kids told us, "I want to be baptized in the Mormon church!". We hope we can get Lisa that excited, and continue to meet with us. They are realizing it's more serious than they thought before, which is good.

We also met with the Stouts. They are a very nice couple that seem to like scriptural proof more than exercising faith. I hope we can change that.

Also, we got to meet Cody's dad, Gabe. He's a cool guy that wants what is right for his family. He was telling us how terrible the Denver airport is and the dark feelings he had living around there. Apparently there is a big sculpture of a blue apocalyptic horse with glowing red eyes looking over Denver. When they were standing it up, it fell and killed the creator! Now that's messed up. We talked about how there is increasing evil in the world as we become closer to the second coming. I hope he will soon open his heart to the gospel. It's what he and his family needs.

If there was a plate of a new kind of food in front of you, and your friend told you it was super good, would you try it? How about if he ate it in front of you? Well, we need the atonement just like we need food and water. But how do you get someone to know about it and actually use it? I feel like that is a strange but effective analogy to missionary work. We are inviting our neighbors and friends to this new restaurant called the restoration and telling them how amazing it is. I hope we don't keep the atonement or the gospel out of the conversation, because the restoration restaurant isn't gonna be open for much longer!
Talk of Christ freely, and always testify of Him.

Love you all! Thanks for reading :)
Elder Wylie coyote