Monday, February 1, 2016

Xandaman Update! Week 24: they kidnapped my iPad

Hey world! This one is gonna be brief because my iPad is in for repairs. Elder Schneider would deny it, but I'm pretty sure the piece of candy he threw at it a few weeks ago hit the screen and there was a big black bar all the way across it. I hope I can get it back soon!

We got to go to the Community Cafe again! This time we actually got to be servers! Even though I would never want to be a waiter for a job, doing for a night or two can be fun. It's the only 'pay what you can' restaurant in Montana I believe, so all sorts of people come through, even if they don't need to. I would go there if they had one in Utah :)

We visited a less active couple the other day. Their house is part of a storage unit office, since they work there. Brother Diamond wants to be a live auctioneer, and he loves snakes! I couldn't believe it when he said he has an 37 1/2 foot long anaconda that eats live pigs! That's just scary!

We also had a good lesson with Lisa and her kids. The kids told us, "I want to be baptized in the Mormon church!". We hope we can get Lisa that excited, and continue to meet with us. They are realizing it's more serious than they thought before, which is good.

We also met with the Stouts. They are a very nice couple that seem to like scriptural proof more than exercising faith. I hope we can change that.

Also, we got to meet Cody's dad, Gabe. He's a cool guy that wants what is right for his family. He was telling us how terrible the Denver airport is and the dark feelings he had living around there. Apparently there is a big sculpture of a blue apocalyptic horse with glowing red eyes looking over Denver. When they were standing it up, it fell and killed the creator! Now that's messed up. We talked about how there is increasing evil in the world as we become closer to the second coming. I hope he will soon open his heart to the gospel. It's what he and his family needs.

If there was a plate of a new kind of food in front of you, and your friend told you it was super good, would you try it? How about if he ate it in front of you? Well, we need the atonement just like we need food and water. But how do you get someone to know about it and actually use it? I feel like that is a strange but effective analogy to missionary work. We are inviting our neighbors and friends to this new restaurant called the restoration and telling them how amazing it is. I hope we don't keep the atonement or the gospel out of the conversation, because the restoration restaurant isn't gonna be open for much longer!
Talk of Christ freely, and always testify of Him.

Love you all! Thanks for reading :)
Elder Wylie coyote

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