Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Xandaman Update! Week 25: the Lord gets us nice cars

My iPad is still getting fixed. Actually, I don't know what their
doing with it. It's a long story. I'll tell you someday :)

Some things I learned this week:

- Knocking on doors during the super bowl isn't too effective;
We talked to a few people, and they were all watching the game, so we
just set up another time to come back to each one. They were all
members too.

- Everyone in Kentucky is related;
Jeff King's brother likes to talk. We went over to the Kings for
dinner, and I somehow put down three burritos! The Kings are really
fun to talk to, or at least listen to. They have a lot of stories to
tell. His brother was telling us about how everyone in Kentucky are
cousins because...ya. Jeff also told about the most amazing senior
prank ever! I can't tell you al of it, but it involves frozen skunks
and a furnace room :)

- Teaching the law of chastity is uncomfortable, no matter how old you are;
First, we taught it to the Robison kids. We had to keep it pretty
simple, but we made it through. Brother and sister Robison are really
good at teaching their kids as we teach them. Then sister Mason taught
it on the spot in gospel principles. She did a good job, but she said
it was hard to teach even in there.

- Everyone gets hurt in church ball (don't worry, it wasn't me)
Alex Chidester broke his nose and brother Robison busted his knee! I
guess Trevor got a black eye I hear :) I don't think I want to play
church ball anymore!

- When you have a 10,000 square foot garage/barn, you can fit four
dump trucks, an RV, and a man cave!
We got to meet Ward Barnes, who has a trucking business and owns a
10,000 square foot garage/barn! He can fit four dump trucks trailers,
a man cave, RV, office and living quarters! It's pretty sweet.

- Driving a 2014 Ford Fusion is really fun, especially when you
haven't had a car for 5 weeks!
We got a call Friday morning from elder Baird, the car guy, saying
president was going to be dropping off a car for us Friday. Sure
enough, on their way back from Missoula, president and his wife met us
at our church building to give us our Ford Fusion. They travel a lot!
We still like walking too so sometimes we still walk to save miles and
keep fit :)

- And of course, the Lord knows exactly how to help the people you teach!
We went to the Wolfs for dinner Friday night. They are such a sweet
little family that have been through a lot lately. We showed them the
'good things to come' Mormon message (go watch it) and shared Moroni
7:40-41 about hope. It is so confirming to hear, 'that's just what we

I know this is the Lords work, and even when people aren't
making the right choices or keeping commitments, all you can do is
bring the spirit 'unto' their hearts, not 'into'. That's up to their
agency. I love talking to people now, it's kinda weird. It does take
some energy out of me for sure, but I can feel myself changing because
of the work I do. Thanks y'all for remembering me :) Remember your
Savior this week! Peace out.

Elder Wylie Wiley whylee

May the spirit be with you

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