Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Xandaman update! Week 27: a good week

Well, I got a new iPad! The one I tried to get fixed got eaten by the apple repair team, so they just gave me a new one. It took a while, but now that we have sufficient tools to do the Lords work, we are putting in work.

My new district leader is elder McMahon (sounds like 'mcMan') who was Elder Schneider's trainer. He's a crazy kid. He will add some spaz to the district. We actually have sisters in our district now, except they are way down in Ennis, which is an hour south-west of Bozeman. I'm glad Ennis finally gets its own missionaries. The Three forks elders needed a break from traveling to Ennis. 

When we went to Gina fife's house on Monday, we watched Kenny eat around 17 pancakes and proceeded to play 'prime climb' and 'yahtzee'. They are too fun! It's almost hard to share a message sometimes, but we try :)

Hector Bennett is one of my favorite people ever! We had dinner at his house on Wednesday and it's always really great. We have had a lot of pizza this week and last week, so I told elder Mckell we could depend on brother Bennett not having pizza. But guess what we had? Dominos pizza! Oh well, it's still good. Gabe and Cody Clements were there, along with brother Bennett's kids who normally live in Canada. Gabe is Cody's dad FYI. He has really great ideas about God and life, similar to what made Cody such a good investigator. We are starting to teach Gabe more and hopefully he will actually commit to something. Brother Bennett says Gabe lets his pride keep him from coming to church. Hopefully he will let the Spirit touch his heart a little bit.

Julie is also a pretty sweet investigator. She is very curious and intrigued by the Book of Mormon and modern prophets. I believe and hope she will continue to be open.

We were tracting the other day, and after we introduced ourselves, this lady asked, 'how long are you guys doing this? My husband needs to hear this.' I was so pumped to have this miracle person to come teach, and so we went the next day, and he answered and said, 'I think I'm good. Have a nice day.' Well that was a let down! But that's okay, because there are other miracles blossoming in other areas :)

Bishop Halgren gave us a referral of a new part-member couple that wanted us to come over. We stopped by later that day, and they are fun to talk to! They just moved from Idaho, and for an interesting reason. They felt judged and left out at their ward. It sounded like the people in their ward were secured to their own clicks and weren't every inviting. I really haven't heard good things from the church in Idaho! What's going on over there? I'm sure it's not all bad, but it doesn't seem quite right. Anyways, Bruce and Camera (I think their names are :)) are really funny. She is from I think the Philippines and he is from here. She got baptized after staying with a Mormon family as a foreign exchange student. He is basically a 'dry mormon' in her words. Hopefully we can teach him and make him a 'wet Mormon' :) They have those funny looking Persian cats with the flat faces. She said they like to be diverse, so one of the cats was 'white power', one was 'black', and they used to have one that Anyways, they are funny. We are helping them move in more stuff next week! We just can't get away from moving people!

There was a funeral in Bozeman that we didn't attend to, but it was for Tim Delph. He was a famous fisherman who had hundreds of rewards and world records apparently. He is the father of one of the members here in the first ward. He was a cool guy.

This weekend was stake conference for the Bozeman stake. I'm the only one that has been here since the last Bozeman stake conference! It was really good. President Repture is an awesome stake president. He kinda looks like ferris buhler, but with a great spiritual inspirational personality :) President and sister Wadsworth were there, along with the Billings temple president and his wife. 

Some principles I learned from the conference:

- Respect the priesthood you hold by your appearance. It's been a commonality in the Bozeman stake for the leaders in each ward to be clean shaven and wear a white shirt and normal tie. 
- We need to exercise our faith in finding people to invite to learn more about the gospel, enduring our trials, and keeping the sabbath day holy.
- Brother Rogers in our ward has been through a lot lately. He talked about how we need to spend one on one time with our family. He goes on 'dates' with each of his kids to spend time with them. His wife was recently diagnosed with treatable MS, which was a shock to their family. They are sure getting a lot of support and love.
- The best way to know if the gospel is true is to live it.

President Wadsworth interviewed all of us on Saturday. He is so in tune with the Spirit and is easy to talk to. 

When we were talking to the youth about the missionary schedule, it led me to think about my missionary efforts as a youth. I was not a good member missionary as a youth! I didn't invite much, nor fellowship much. I feel bad. I guess I just have to make it up now that I'm full time. Don't let missionary opportunities pass you by!
Well, that's all I've got for now. Thanks for reading this :)
Elder Wylie Coyote

May the spirit be with you

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