Monday, February 29, 2016

Xandaman Update! Week 28

At least my parents are telling me where they're going so I don't end
up like the guy in the RM movie ;)

I had a pretty delicious five guys burger the other day. Sister Meyle
bought it for us, and it was like throwback Thursday, but it was Wednesday.

Here are some clippings from the week:

Flavia, the foreign exchange student living with the Delph's, is so
solid! She has had some super cool spiritual experiences that have
made it clear to her she is doing the right thing taking the lessons.
She can't get baptized until she goes back to Brazil, but it is super
cool! She's gonna go convert her friends and family!

The Nelsons, a family in Amsterdam (just west of Belgrade, not on the
east coast), invited us over to teach some investigators/less-actives
they have found that are interested. They are all older people, so it
is fun to listen to their comments. We are going there tonight too.
Last week the two investigators didn't actually show up because of
work, so we just did an FHE thing for them. It was fun! Tonight should
be great!

The Pruitts are a funny less-active family. Brother Pruitt and his son
were talking about the most random stuff while we were there, like
Area 51, technology, and so on. But right before we left, he pulled us
back and whispered, 'what time is church?'. They do want to go to
church again. I don't know why they didn't come yesterday, but we will
go and see!

The Vasquez family is really sweet. Brother Vasquez really wants his
kids, Juan and yovani to learn good values and read the scriptures,
but his job is getting in the way. Brother coltrin is a really good
powerful speaker, and he can speak Spanish. He was sure the right
member to bring to the vasquez's that night. We are praying that he
will be able to get a new job!

Sunday was quite the adventure! We started out at ward council in the
first ward, then went to the beginning of first ward sacrament, then
left to go to second ward council, then jumped over to first ward
gospel principles, then quickly got pulled out of there to sit with an
investigator (Noah and his three kids) in second ward sacrament
meeting, which went well, then breezed over to second ward gospel
principles, then went to elders quorum, where we drove out to help
brother Thorpe move, then bounced back to the church to get to the
Roths to help them move in! Wowee! We helped the Roths move some super
heavy safes, which almost ripped Bruce's shoulder out. Sister Roth,
who grew up in Hong Kong, then England, then South Africa, made all of
us some spicy fried rice, which was really good! People just like to
move around a lot in Belgrade! It's crazy! But it's a good opportunity
for us.

We ended last night with a good missionary fireside. It was a small
crowd, but there was enough people to ask good questions about
missionary work. Us, the turners (who have two missionaries out), and
Alex chidester (a prospective missionary) sat at the front of the room
acting as a panel to answer questions. There were questions asked
like, 'should my son wait a year?' to 'what are your fears as a
missionary'. It made me realize once again how great my calling is.
I'm meant to be up here under the big sky heeding the Spirit to help
me teach and find. It really is a miraculous and inspired program. I
am glad I get to be a part of it at this time! Thanks for all your
support for me and my family! May God bless you for all you do!

Elder Wylie

May the Spirit be with you

Alex always appreciates the members feeding him!

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