Monday, March 7, 2016

Xandaman Update! Week 29: a change of scenery!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016:
    We were all standing along the hallway by the door after district
meeting, when elder Syrett motioned me and elder McKell to come over.
At first I thought he just wanted to compliment the dimple on my tie
as usual. But soon enough, as he closed the door behind him so no one
else could hear, I realized it was a little more critical than that.
    "Did President call you?"
    We both slightly panicked and checked our phones.
    "Looks like we got a voice mail", Elder McKell was surprised.
    "You missed a call from president?!"
    "Well, we turned our phone on silent for district meeting!", Elder
McKell sounded a little defensive, but Elder Syrett understood.
    We went to our car right away and sure enough, president Wadsworth
wanted us to call him back. After a brief game of phone tag, he
finally got through to us.
    "Hello Elders!" He stated quite enthusiastically. I was listening
intently to what he was about to say. "I have a situation that is
going to impact you elders. I need you to be here in Billings between
6 and 7 tonight. Elder Wylie will need to pack his bags. He will be
going to Worland Wyoming, and his new companion will be Elder Rowley."
    All I could whisper at that moment was "holy crap", and at that
moment, my mission went a completely new direction. However, I was
calm, and I knew it was right.

So that day went to scrap, and we packed our bags and drove for two
hours to the mission home for a dinner with President and sister
Wadsworth. I hadn't been back there for 6 months! It was quite fun.
When we walked in, I met Elder Rowley and elder Zanin. Elder Adam
Rowley has about 6 months left. He is a robotics champion from
Monticello, Utah. He is a great teacher and a fun missionary. Elder
Zanin is from Brazil, and he is in Belgrade with elder McKell now. He
speaks Portuguese and is learning Spanish and English.

Anyways, back to the story, sister Wadsworth made us pre-buttered
pancakes and sausage. (Yum!) President convinced me to try ketchup on
my sausage. It was actually pretty good! After we talked and ate,
president called the assistants, elders Topham and Crane, to put us to
work for the remaining hour of the night. I went with elder Topham.

I knew elder Topham a little because he did exchanges with us a few
months ago in Belgrade. Their car is currently getting fixed, so I got
to ride around in the big transfer van! It was fun. He is a drummer
for a band down in southern Utah, so we share some interests. We went
and visited this guy that owns a couple towing businesses. He is an
unlikely soon-to-be member of the church, but as I listened to his
experiences along with some colorful language, he is a good man. He
was actually outside of his shop towing a car when we talked to him,
so we got to stand and watch him literally flip a car upside down! It
was very entertaining. Billings is the biggest city in Montana, so we
got to see some sketchy parts of town, known as the 'south side'. It
felt a lot different than what I'm used to. I was surprised we didn't
see a drug deal going down by the way elder Topham described it!
By 9 pm we went back to the mission home, got some sleep and left the
next morning back to our areas. I'm now driving a 2014 Toyota Corolla.

It was a three hour drive from billings to Worland. Elder Rowley was
mustering all the navigation skills he had to get us back home :) We
made it safely.

We live in the basement of the Pedesons, who are very kind and giving
older couple. They took us to Taco Johns when we arrived. They are
willing to take us out to lunch almost everyday! They give us too
much! But I'm very grateful for them.

The work is hoppin' down here! We have almost 5 people on date for
baptism and a few other progressing investigators. We serve in the
Worland second Ward, and we share the third Ward, which has only been
around for a year, with sister Wagstaff and Sister Parsons. We are
working hard, having fun, meeting new people, teaching good lessons,
and of course, helping people move! It's great to be in a new area! I
think I needed it. I love Belgrade, but I needed to move on!

I'll give you more info on the people we are working with when I get
to know them better. I haven't actually met them all yet.

Elder Rowley was on a robotics team with a couple of his friends, and
they made it to a world competition in Disney world! They did really
good. He has a lot of cool articles and study material he has gathered in
the past year and a half that I enjoy reading. A very smart man he is:)

I'm grateful to be here in Worland! I'm actually now in Elder
Schneiders district! Good thing too because I have his bike lock and
CD's :) That's all I've got for you today! Love y'all! Bye.

Elder Wylie

May the Spirit be with you
New companion and area! Elder Rowley in Wyoming.

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