Monday, March 14, 2016

Xandaman update! Week 30: when the work is good, the good keep working

Welcome to Worland, Wyoming! Population around 5400, temperatures
averaging in the 60's, and most people seem to be older folks. It's
pretty flat which makes bike riding ideal. There are a bunch of people
burning their fields and tractors driving on the streets. We eat free
at Taco Johns once a week thanks to the Lds owner :) There is a Pepsi
plant and a soda can factory (which we are getting a tour of today),
but no Walmart.

There are a bunch of great people here, so I'm just gonna list some off:

* Jim and Sunny Pederson; the nicest, most giving folks I've met here.
We live in their basement, but they offer to take us to lunch almost
everyday! Elder Rowley only takes the offer once a week :) She has
been traveling to Cody everyday for cancer treatments! She seems to be
doing well. They are so sweet.

* Our ward mission leader (for third Ward), brother Myers; he likes to
joke around, but he has a raging testimony, even though his wife isn't
a member. We had dinner at his house Thursday along with the
sisters (we share the third Ward). He called me the other day and said
he talked to a sister Dixon from Highland, and that he once cooked a
turkey for thanksgiving in her kitchen! Small world once again.

* Larry smith (Ward mission leader for second Ward); he is a convert
of about a year and a half, but loves the gospel. He has a low voice
and a patriotic spirit, but very humble and kind to everyone.

* The Edholms: we met with them last night. They have eight kids and
used to live in Orem a couple years ago. They know a few people I know
from school!

* The Espinozas; joe Espinoza is one of my favorite people! He got
baptized at the end of January, and he's already teaching gospel
principles and elders quorum! He's an energetic, funny, and smart
Mexican that KNOWS the church is true, even though his family (parents
and siblings) doesn't. He wants to influence people for good, and he
sure has.

* The meadows; sister meadows and her son, Chris, were recently
baptized, but her husband, max, wasn't, so we are teaching him. He
wants to read the Book of Mormon and is very open to going to church
with his wife, but hasn't yet. Sister meadows is an awesome lady! She
surely didn't grow up in the church, but she is strong now!

* Larry and Georgie live in a nice little trailer, and they are fun to
talk to. They aren't as active as they want to be, but they asked for
all of the pamphlets that we give out! Larry is pretty funny too, and
his language is pretty colorful sometimes, but he is going through a
lot of stress right now. Georgie isn't in the best of health right now
either, but they seem to be enduring it well, especially because they
are turning back to God!

* Then there's the townsends; brother Townsend is returning to
activity after about 10 years of inactivity. His son, Branson, is
about 14 and not baptized. But I can tell you that he sure will be in
the near future! He already knows the Book of Mormon is true! "He's a
spiritual little kid!" as elder Rowley stated it. His dad is super
supportive of him. I'm excited for them!

Those are a few of the great people here. The wards are really good
here. Us and the sisters got to bear testimony and speak in the third
Ward yesterday. It was a really good meeting. I got to bless the
sacrament in the second Ward. I realize how great it is to bear my
testimony and participate in that sacred ordinance. It feels so

Lastly, we had our zone conference last week here for the Wyoming
zones. It was really good. I could definitely tell that each topic
discussed was divinely inspired! I learned I need to improve on
helping people move forward from where they are at, and not ask questions
to mostly guide them where YOU want them to go. Also when we are on
the streets, we should look to serve first, then teach. We should just
try not to spit the gospel at people before we gain a little trust.

Missionaries are students of the Lord. I'm not the best teacher nor
the most energetic, but I know for a fact as we do our part, as I keep
our covenants, the commandments, and do our best, God will surely add
his power and strength and guidance to our efforts. All I can say is,
do your part, and turn to God!

Elder Wylie

May the Spirit be with you

Long day!

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