Saturday, March 26, 2016

Xandaman Update! Week 31: peace in a Worland

Here are your bite-size snippets from my week:

* We were asked to judge the pinewood derby cars on Tuesday. We gave
awards like 'most realistic' or 'best use of color', or even 'most
thought provoking' :)

* Mike Ostler gave us and the sisters a tour of the Crown factory,
where they make all the pop cans! There were about 30 million of them
in that warehouse! 

* We taught Anthony Gentilini and set a goal date for his baptism! His
wife is a member and he has caught an interest in the church. I hope
we can help him continue to progress.

* We had dinner with the Lloyds the other night. They are a great
family. They love the missionaries coming over! I played 'come thou
fount' on the piano and elder Rowley sang to it! They said it was the
best missionary visit they've had!

* We had a great lesson with Branson Townsend in the Stotts house! He
is totally getting baptized! His testimony is already growing and he
feels it!

* Eva and her son Andrew are some other recent converts we taught this
week. We had him draw out the plan of salvation. I'll send you a
picture of his masterpiece.

* Joe Espinoza brought his brother, Richard, to church a couple weeks
ago, and recently we asked him if he would like us to come over and
teach him. He was very open to it so we did. For almost two hours, we
answered his questions and revealed truth to him. He has heard a lot
about the church from relatives, but we gave him correct information,
and he recognized that. He mentioned how a lot of what people say
about the church isn't true. I'm so glad we get to share the truth
with him! We went to the Espinozas again to just check on them and we
ended up with a bunch of weird Mexican candy. Lemon salt is pretty
weird :)

* We had a good district meeting, even though it didn't go all as
planned. Elder Hunter (not my mtc companion) is a great district
leader. He's been trying to get our stake president to come speak to
us. Hopefully this week.

* Speaking of that, we had Ward conference in the second Ward
yesterday. It was really good and enriching. I got two important
things out of it. One, I received some great revelation about sharing
the Book of Mormon. I need to share it as an OPEN book, not a closed
one. There is a lot of mystery and rumor that could be eliminated if
we all could just share content and scriptures from it! Two, family
history is amazing! A high councilman shared about how families were
organized before the world was, and because of this great work, the
world will NOT be "utterly waisted at His coming", as it states in
Malachi. He showed us some cool functions of the family tree app that
can reveal more work to be done! I'm definitely going to start doing
some family history work someday.

* Elder Rowley has really been helping me with my teaching skills in
an encouraging and progressive way. I feel like I'm actually a decent
teacher now! But as we all know, the Spirit is the one who really gets
into the hearts of those we teach.

* Elder Rowley is very philosophical and poetic. He writes a poem
every month. Here is one for ya:

Why I Desire to Fly
Elder Rowley

"I do dream to fly
Such as to surpass the clouds
And sound a cry which fills the sky
One heard by all earthly crowds

Proclaimed with angelic tongue
Cloven and filled with fire
That hearts may be pricked and stung
Reminded of the soul's sole desire

What beauty there could be seen
The worlds attention then turned
On One Who is Mighty to Redeem
Who salvation for us earned

And saved us from the grave
From care, pain, and woe
And this he has freely gave
To all those whose actions show

A broken heart
The contrite spirit
A renewed start
For those who plead for it

But to the ground I know I'm bound
And weak my frame is to proclaim
An Angel's trump I cannot sound
But still it is the same

My mission here today
None can refute the claim
That with me always stays
I know the Messiah came"

Isn't that great? I know Christ lives today! We have living prophets,
seers, and revelators of God right now! Start preparing spiritually
for general conference so you can get the most you can out of it! Have
a great week!

Elder Wylie

May the Spirit be with you

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