Monday, March 28, 2016

Xandaman Update! Week 32: Just beeeeeee yourself and follow Christ!

Well, I think my mission has cured me.
I could tell you about the events of this week, but I'd rather tell
you the affect of the events and how I have changed, because that is
what is significant to me.

Up until Wednesday, during a lesson with an investigator, Steve hunt,
and his friend, who is our bishop, bishop Whitlock, I was really
noticing a difference in myself when we were in lessons and when we
were not in lessons. During lessons, I seemed to switch to a different
mode, which was somewhat preventing me from fully participating in
discussions. During this particular lesson, the way I was acting
really stood out to me, because I seemed to be stumbling over myself
unnecessarily. The lesson went well at least, and somehow I came into
the light of what I've been doing for the past long while. A knowledge
I've had for a long time, that is I need to be myself all the time,
has finally been completely fulfilled in my mind and in my actions. I
feel like I should have come to this conclusion a long time ago, but
I'm glad I've found myself now rather than later. I have truly found
myself by losing myself in the work! It all makes sense!
I hope that wasn't too abnormal or weird :)

Anyway, I also am getting better at giving talks. Elder Rowley and I
got to speak about the Atonement and resurrection on Easter Sunday in
the Second Ward. Throughout Easter Sunday I feel like I have truly
reviewed the life and mission of our Savior Jesus Christ. He is our
ultimate example of patience, endurance, forgiveness and love. I still
can't comprehend the method nor the magnitude of His suffering, but I
am forever grateful for Him. I surely owe Him my diligence, and my
life really! The Atonement of Jesus Christ reunites us with our
Heavenly Father as long as we follow His gospel and make it OUR
gospel. It is an ever-flowing river always ready to make us clean, no
matter how many times we immerse ourselves in it.

We had the opportunity to spend some time with our stake president,
President Cottrell, and learn some words of wisdom from him. He told
us we have a 'diamond-mine in our own backyard' of people to work
with, speaking of part-member families, prospective elders, and
Unbaptized children, and we don't need to go tracting. In fact, some
of our best outlooks right now fall into those categories!

He also talked about how amazing the Articles of Faith are. The
Articles of Faith document has been around for over 180 years and it
still stands unchanged! They state simply the differences between us
and all other religions. We should use them more when we are answering
questions about our beliefs. 

He also referred to a story about a terrorist who was going around a campus somewhere shooting everyone who said they were a Christian. Would you say you were a Christian
even if you risked death at that moment? Think about that one!

I'll end with a cliff hanger, because the full story hasn't happened
yet. We are visiting a less active lady  who is dying of 4th stage
cancer. It's amazing to see her desire to understand and reaccept the
gospel at this point in her life.

Thank you for your interest in my well-being and my adventures! Until
next time...good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight!

Elder Wylie

May the Spirit be with you

Easter dinner with the McIntosh family !

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