Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Wylie Coyote Update! Steady pace wins the race

I haven't been tracting for a couple of months now, and the work is
going great! Working through the members of the Ward is providing
enough work for us.

Have you ever tried to chase a wild bird out of someone's house? It's
pretty exciting.

Have you ever been handcuffed to a table by your companion and escaped
with only a little blood and pain? That was an entertaining
evening....for him.

Richard is awesome! We had to move his baptism date to the 30th, but
he is so ready! He is ready to pay tithing already and get married to
his fiancé! He is changing so much already. It's a faith building
experience for me to see how the gospel of Jesus Christ can change
lives so much.

We had a zone meeting up in Lovell Wednesday at the second biggest
stake center in the world! It has two chapels and plenty of gym space.
That meeting was very good for everyone, especially me. We are doing a
much needed 'Facebook fast' in the mission. Facebook has been a big
distraction it seems, so we are taking a break from it and seeing how
we can use it more effectively. We also talked about faith in finding
people to teach. There are people out there that in the life before
asked us to find them. We don't want a crowd of people waiting for us
in the spirit world to ask us, 'why didn't you come find me!?' 'Why
didn't you tell me that families could be forever?!' What a motivating
concept! I've gotta go find them!

We also had a cool lesson with Branson last week. We were in the
Edholms house with a bunch of kids around his age that are all
members. One of them, chance, got baptized a week ago. He had some
great ideas and testimony to share! So did everyone else. He is a
great kid! Now we just gotta get his dad to let him set a date!

Our favorite local cop, Kent Lombard, gave us a referral that turned
out to be pretty solid. Her name is Erica. We met with her and brought
sister Wassum, the bishops wife, with us. We were able to give her a
blessing and teach the restoration. She wants to regain her faith in
God like she once had, and we are helping her do that, the right way

We helped a funny lady named Cassie move to a new house.
She isn't a member, and she has never had anyone help her move before.
She was so happy. She is very happy and laughs a lot. I hope the
sisters will be able to teach her.

One of the best things to incorporate into a lesson is to play the
piano and sing. We've  done it a couple of times so far and are going
to keep doing it. It helps me use my developing piano skills as well
as invite the Spirit.

Everyday I come to a greater knowledge of how true the Gospel of Jesus
Christ is and how real Gods power is. I can't deny the reality of this
work and the eternal value of it. I know Jesus Christ is leading this
His church. When we understand that Gods purpose is to make us happy
and become like Him, the experiences of this life make more sense and
we have hope of a greater light at the end of the tunnel. I love this
time I get to be immersed in the gospel and talking to other people
about it!

Thank you all for everything!
Elder Wylie coyote

May the Spirit be with you

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Xandaman update! Week 34: humility in push-ups and following the Holy Ghost

When you live in a Pepsi town, you have to take a tour of the Pepsi
Plant! It's pretty sweet. They bottle 48 different favors of soda! And
they bottle Aquavista water as well.

Yesterday, we went to dinner at the Wittwers. Their kids are crazy,
but funny. The 6 year old beat us in a push-up contest. Let's just say
I let him win ;)

Now let's talk about some awesome people:

The Cottrells are an awesome family! President Cottrell is the Stake
President, sister Cottrell is deaf, and they have a foreign exchange
student from Thailand! Going there just makes me feel uplifted, and
teaching there is great practice! We have to speak very clearly so
sister Cottrell can understand, and teach simply so Nam-Wan can
understand. Nam-Wan doesn't have a Christian background at all, so the
Cottrells are able to reaffirm their belief in Christ as they teach
her who He is.

We got to go to a baptism of a new convert in the first Ward named
Chance. Since he is a Senior track star, he had a lot of friends show
up. The chapel was packed! We brought our investigator Branson. He was
surprised to see that the baptism part is not very elaborate or
complex. The talks were quite long, but very good. President Cottrell
spoke about the Holy Ghost and some of his experiences with
promptings. During his talk, I felt a strong feeling that I needed to
follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost better. I was able to do that
this week.

One example; it was around 8:20 and we were driving around visiting
prospective elders, and we hadn't had much success. On the way to one
persons house, the words, 'don't go there', come to my head, so we
instead went to a different house that I had planned on doing later.
The house was dark, but we knocked anyway, and I'm glad we did. We
found a man who was at a critical time in his life where he was
deciding whether or not he wanted to return to the church. I'm so glad
we showed up there and were able to encourage him and bring the Spirit
into his life more.

We also had a good lesson with another new investigator named Ashley.
I was kind of struggling to teach that day, but it was still a great
lesson because she brought out concerns that we were able to resolve.
She is also at a critical time in her life where she is searching for
the doctrine or church that will feel good in her heart. I'm glad she
is so open!

Last but not least, Richard! We have been a little worried about him
because he didn't come to general conference nor church. We later
found out what happened in our lesson yesterday. He is still solid! He
wants to be baptized! He was able to get his old job back which is a
miracle. He wasn't even searching for one! His boss respects that he
wants to go to church and meet with us! He is filled with the Spirit
and you can tell! We might have to push the date of the 23, but I
don't have doubt that he'll get baptized!

I just have to say, I'm learning a lot and changing for the better! I
didn't think I'd be where I'm at now because of my mission. I'm lovin
it! Thank you all for your love and support!

Elder Wylie

May the Spirit be with you

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Xandaman Update! Week 33: enrichment for the April fools baby

I'm pretty sure we were the first missionaries to ever buy their own
dinner at Firenzies, a ritzy Italian steakhouse. Let's just say, I
don't think I belong in super nice restaurants, but it was very good
:) Being 19 feels pretty good.

We sure have had some great spiritual enrichment this week. It was
great to hear from a couple of recent converts that are on their way
back from temple square! They said it was eye-opening to see
missionaries from all over the world teaching the same doctrine and
also to see all the protestors.

Friday we had lunch with a part member family. Brother Bresach is
a very knowledgable old man, who has a house full of books and a mind
full of knowledge. As a non member, he is super inviting to is
missionaries. I hope we can help him see that he doesn't need physical
proof to know the truth.
Also Friday, we met with a less-active mom and her sassy teenage
daughter. The mom was engaged in our conversation and message, but her
daughter didn't seem to have a language filter! I hope somehow her
heart can soften and we can help them get along.

We were able to watch the restoration movie with Anthony and Jessica.
Anthony is the one with a goal baptism date for April 23rd. Jessica is
really helpful, and Anthony likes videos, so it worked out. I'm
excited for him. I'm also excited for Richard Espinoza! In our last
lesson with him, he told us about a powerful spiritual experience he
had one night, which helped him overcome a bad habit he had. He is one
of the most prepared people I've met! We also set a goal date for
baptism with him for the 23rd! The gospel is greatly impacting the
Espinoza family!

We had interviews with president Wadsworth Tuesday. It's always
great to talk with him and feel the Spirit he brings with him. He
always says things that answer small questions I have in my mind and
things that will help me improve. He surely is called and inspired of

We watched all the wonderful conference sessions at the church except
for the last one, we went to the Meadows. Max meadows is the one we
are teaching, and robin meadows is a recent convert. He thought
conference was uplifting, and it wasn't as intense as other preachers
he's seen on TV. I hope he will start keeping commitments and his
ears can get better (he can't hear very well, which makes it hard to
go to church. He can hear someone when there is a lot of other people

I'm so happy I get to stay in Worland for the next 6 weeks! The work
is going well here and I love the people we are teaching.
I loved this general conference! I felt like there were a lot of
powerful and bold messages the Lord needed us to hear. The topic that
I really loved was about the priesthood and fathers. I certainly want
to live up to the standards of God in that respect. Families are truly
the what, how, and why to happiness! Spend quality time with your
family! You will be grateful you did :)

Elder Wylie

P.s. I found a beginner drummer that let me play on his kit a little.
It felt super good :)

May the Spirit be with you