Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Wylie Coyote Update! Steady pace wins the race

I haven't been tracting for a couple of months now, and the work is
going great! Working through the members of the Ward is providing
enough work for us.

Have you ever tried to chase a wild bird out of someone's house? It's
pretty exciting.

Have you ever been handcuffed to a table by your companion and escaped
with only a little blood and pain? That was an entertaining
evening....for him.

Richard is awesome! We had to move his baptism date to the 30th, but
he is so ready! He is ready to pay tithing already and get married to
his fiancé! He is changing so much already. It's a faith building
experience for me to see how the gospel of Jesus Christ can change
lives so much.

We had a zone meeting up in Lovell Wednesday at the second biggest
stake center in the world! It has two chapels and plenty of gym space.
That meeting was very good for everyone, especially me. We are doing a
much needed 'Facebook fast' in the mission. Facebook has been a big
distraction it seems, so we are taking a break from it and seeing how
we can use it more effectively. We also talked about faith in finding
people to teach. There are people out there that in the life before
asked us to find them. We don't want a crowd of people waiting for us
in the spirit world to ask us, 'why didn't you come find me!?' 'Why
didn't you tell me that families could be forever?!' What a motivating
concept! I've gotta go find them!

We also had a cool lesson with Branson last week. We were in the
Edholms house with a bunch of kids around his age that are all
members. One of them, chance, got baptized a week ago. He had some
great ideas and testimony to share! So did everyone else. He is a
great kid! Now we just gotta get his dad to let him set a date!

Our favorite local cop, Kent Lombard, gave us a referral that turned
out to be pretty solid. Her name is Erica. We met with her and brought
sister Wassum, the bishops wife, with us. We were able to give her a
blessing and teach the restoration. She wants to regain her faith in
God like she once had, and we are helping her do that, the right way

We helped a funny lady named Cassie move to a new house.
She isn't a member, and she has never had anyone help her move before.
She was so happy. She is very happy and laughs a lot. I hope the
sisters will be able to teach her.

One of the best things to incorporate into a lesson is to play the
piano and sing. We've  done it a couple of times so far and are going
to keep doing it. It helps me use my developing piano skills as well
as invite the Spirit.

Everyday I come to a greater knowledge of how true the Gospel of Jesus
Christ is and how real Gods power is. I can't deny the reality of this
work and the eternal value of it. I know Jesus Christ is leading this
His church. When we understand that Gods purpose is to make us happy
and become like Him, the experiences of this life make more sense and
we have hope of a greater light at the end of the tunnel. I love this
time I get to be immersed in the gospel and talking to other people
about it!

Thank you all for everything!
Elder Wylie coyote

May the Spirit be with you

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