Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Xandaman Update! Week 33: enrichment for the April fools baby

I'm pretty sure we were the first missionaries to ever buy their own
dinner at Firenzies, a ritzy Italian steakhouse. Let's just say, I
don't think I belong in super nice restaurants, but it was very good
:) Being 19 feels pretty good.

We sure have had some great spiritual enrichment this week. It was
great to hear from a couple of recent converts that are on their way
back from temple square! They said it was eye-opening to see
missionaries from all over the world teaching the same doctrine and
also to see all the protestors.

Friday we had lunch with a part member family. Brother Bresach is
a very knowledgable old man, who has a house full of books and a mind
full of knowledge. As a non member, he is super inviting to is
missionaries. I hope we can help him see that he doesn't need physical
proof to know the truth.
Also Friday, we met with a less-active mom and her sassy teenage
daughter. The mom was engaged in our conversation and message, but her
daughter didn't seem to have a language filter! I hope somehow her
heart can soften and we can help them get along.

We were able to watch the restoration movie with Anthony and Jessica.
Anthony is the one with a goal baptism date for April 23rd. Jessica is
really helpful, and Anthony likes videos, so it worked out. I'm
excited for him. I'm also excited for Richard Espinoza! In our last
lesson with him, he told us about a powerful spiritual experience he
had one night, which helped him overcome a bad habit he had. He is one
of the most prepared people I've met! We also set a goal date for
baptism with him for the 23rd! The gospel is greatly impacting the
Espinoza family!

We had interviews with president Wadsworth Tuesday. It's always
great to talk with him and feel the Spirit he brings with him. He
always says things that answer small questions I have in my mind and
things that will help me improve. He surely is called and inspired of

We watched all the wonderful conference sessions at the church except
for the last one, we went to the Meadows. Max meadows is the one we
are teaching, and robin meadows is a recent convert. He thought
conference was uplifting, and it wasn't as intense as other preachers
he's seen on TV. I hope he will start keeping commitments and his
ears can get better (he can't hear very well, which makes it hard to
go to church. He can hear someone when there is a lot of other people

I'm so happy I get to stay in Worland for the next 6 weeks! The work
is going well here and I love the people we are teaching.
I loved this general conference! I felt like there were a lot of
powerful and bold messages the Lord needed us to hear. The topic that
I really loved was about the priesthood and fathers. I certainly want
to live up to the standards of God in that respect. Families are truly
the what, how, and why to happiness! Spend quality time with your
family! You will be grateful you did :)

Elder Wylie

P.s. I found a beginner drummer that let me play on his kit a little.
It felt super good :)

May the Spirit be with you

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