Monday, May 30, 2016

Wylie coyote update: sickly measures to eternal pleasures!

This is episode 22 of .... "The missing pages of the Wylie journals"!
And now your host, 'Egli Manchester':

Welcome back to another broadcast of 'The mission pages of the Wylie
journals'. It's me, Egli Manchester. This week we are still looking
into the few pages that were discovered by Randal Sanchez of Arizona
about a month ago who claims the pages were quote, "thrown at my
lunch" while out on his front porch. I don't know what that's supposed
to mean, but no matter, we have the pages, and like I said, they have
been authenticated by the historical department of the church and by
distant family members. Anyway, let's take a look at the papers!

The pages we are looking at today have been identified to be from the
week of May 23rd to 29th, 2016. Luckily, the accounts written are
almost completely intact! Now I will begin to read the transcript:

"This week turned out quite alright, despite having a sick companion.
In between the few events we had to attend to, including a baptism and
a zone meeting, I had plenty of time for pondering, reading, studying,
receiving revelation, and doing mash-ups with the hymns. I was able to
learn some good ideas and principles. I will attach a copy of a couple
of 'words of wisdom' that I have written down this week because they
have really opened my understanding of gospel-related topics."

Now pause, this is Egli speaking. I am pleased to say that we do have
the two sections he meant to include, calling them 'words of wisdom'.
I will read those after the week's account. Now, back to the

"Elder Rowley hardly ate anything all week, because he just couldn't
seem to keep it down. Last Monday, he was a little bold and tried the
grilled peanut butter and jelly/honey sandwiches brother Hansen made
us. Elder Rowley's stomach rejected those too. They were super good,
and everyone should try them! All you do is just get some bread, put a
little butter on the slices, throw them on the skillet, and spread
that peanut butter and honey on there! It's super good. The hansens
call them 'Amos and Andy's', and that's because their..." 

Now, it's Egli again. This is the only part of the transcript that was
unreadable. I guess we'll never know why they were called Amos and
Andy's! Anyways, back to the transcript:

"But now I'm glad to say that elder Rowley is almost 100% again! It's
good to be getting back into the normal routine. The first
normal-feeling day was Saturday, which was the baptism! Kayla
Nickelson is a sweet 9 year old who impressed her grandfather by how
much she has progressed in the gospel in understanding and desire. It
was a little hassle to get the programs printed and the font filled,
but it all worked out. I was honored to baptize her. It was the first
time I have baptized someone for themselves! What was cool was that
probably over half the people there were non-members! The Spirit was
there, so I hope it touched their hearts a little bit! She was
confirmed Sunday by her grandfather."

"We got to spend some time at the smiths with all the family that was
in town. Her dad isn't a member, but he is a funny guy. He jokingly
offered to buy us some wine, haha. When I saw him after the baptism,
he kept telling me, 'thank you'. He was grateful for us and what we
did. It was cool to see that. So back to Sunday, it was our first
Sunday going to three wards! We didn't split up and get to all the
meetings this time, but that is what we will have to do, because there
is a lot of overlapping meeting that we might need to do both. That
will be an adventure!"

"Our other notable event this week was zone training. I was reminded
of who I really am. As it says on our ministerial cards, we are 'duly
ordained ministers' who have the authority to 'preach the principles
of the gospel and to administer the ordinances thereof'! We can
promise people blessings from living the gospel and we can perform
miracles by the will of God! I've seen miracles come from giving
priesthood blessings, and I was able to experience the amazing spirit
of giving blessings this week! That is one of my favorite feelings.
It's a testimony to me of the reality of the priesthood I hold and of
the restoration of the gospel through Joseph Smith."

Wow. What a great testimony from Elder Wylie. I agree to the reality
of the priesthood and definitely know it is a real power. I have felt
it as well. Now I will read to you the two bonus articles that elder Wylie

This First one is titled, 'Desensitized'. To preface this
insert, elder Wylie said, "I wrote this in response to our fifth
Sunday lesson about pornography. It is a plague we can't ignore!"
Here it is:

"How do we avoid addiction to pornography? We can't avoid it, we can't
remove it, we can run from it. We have to develop some kind of self
filter that will make our better selves choose to not succumb to the
good feeling.

"When we see alcohol on the shelf at the store, especially if we've
never tried it before,  we probably won't be motivated to try it or
feel any affect from seeing it. Pornography is different. The moment
you see pornography, it is already affecting you. If you don't choose
to look away, it will start to get a hold of you. So the problem is
not how we don't see it, but what do we do when we do see it?
The only way to avoid becoming addicted to pornography, you must
develop in yourself an automatic escape plan, specific steps on what
you are going to do. To develop this plan, we must first come up with
a plan. Then, we must conscientiously practice and use that plan every
time we are subject to it. Eventually, these steps will become habit,
hence, automatic. It is a diligent endeavor, but surely possible.
If we don't develop a plan, and just try to ignore it, or have a
certain tolerance to it, we will become desensitized to it. Being
desensitized to pornography means we have lost our moral standard to
it. We don't care that we are seeing it, therefore we let it roam
wherever it will in our lives. Even if we aren't addicted to it, we
are still being effected by it. The consequences of being desensitized
or addicted to pornography are loss of respect for others, broken
relationships, and treating God's sacred creation with little to no

"There is no way we can become immune to pornography, because it
arouses natural feelings in an abnormal and unhealthy way. We must
create our own safeguards and plan to become immune to the

All I can say to that is, it's true, so apply that to your life if you
haven't already. Now for the second insert by elder Wylie titled,
'Christ is the mediator, but we are not repaying him.'
Here we go:

"If you compare Jesus to the mediator in the parable of the tax
collector and the debtor, it seems that Jesus is expecting repayment.
However, what it means for us to be in debt to Him really means we are
subject to His will!

"Even though he sets the terms for the forgiveness of our debt, He is
not expecting us to repay Him, but to do His will. Here is an analogy
that illustrate this subject:

"Brad Wilcox used the excellent analogy of piano lessons to help us
understand grace. Say your mom signs you up for piano lessons. In this
case, the piano teacher would be like the tax collector who demands
justice, you are the debtor and your mom is the mediator. Since your
mom is paying the piano teacher, you are indebted to her. Does your
practice repay your mom or the piano teacher? No. Your practice is
your submission to the will of your mother, which is all she asks. She
wants you to improve your piano skills.

"In real life, what does justice demand? Punishment for our sins. We
are in debt to the law and must suffer the consequences of our
actions. The mediator, Jesus Christ, performed the Atonement, which
paid the law in full for all the punishments that were to be felt by
all the sinners, everyone. We are all in debt to Jesus Christ,
meaning, we are all now subject to His will. Does following Him,
repenting, keeping the commandments repay Him in any way? No, for it
is not their purpose.

"When the scriptures say we will be unprofitable servants after all the
service we give to Christ, it means that no matter what we do or how
much we do, we will never give more to Christ than Christ gave to us.
The purpose of all the service we do surely isn't repaying Him anyway,
it's taking advantage of the sacrifice He gave for us, for that is His
will for us!"

Well, that's this week's pages from 'The missing pages of the Wylie
journals'. Thanks for tuning in, and I hope you learned something that
you can use to improve your lives. Until next time, this is Egli
Manchester, signing off!" (Brief exit music). End.

Elder Wylie and Kayla Smith
(she chose him to baptize her)

Monday, May 23, 2016

Wylie Coyote: no need to panic!

Read on to hear about our adventures in a new Ward, free breakfast for
riding bikes, and the emergency room!

We survived a week covering three wards. The sisters were teaching
some interesting people. Here are three of them: first there is Roy
Decker. He's one of the healthiest 84 year olds I've ever met. He has
come to the point in his life where he wants to start coming back to
the fold he was once a part of, meaning, we are helping him get
re-baptized! He's a funny guy, and is very understanding of the things
we are teaching him. 

Second, there is Bianca. She has been through a
lot in her life, and now she has three kids, one on the way, and might
be kicked out of her place. She seems to be an unlikely investigator,
but she really does want to come closer to God. The lessons really
help her and she reads the Book of Mormon with her kids! We hope we
can help her progress at least some while we're here. 

Third, there is Kayla. She is nine years old and is getting baptized this week! Her
understanding has increased a lot and her grandpa, who is our Ward
mission leader, is impressed. She picked who was giving the talks and
baptizing her at our last lesson, and she picked me to baptize her!
I'm super excited! I haven't baptized someone for themselves yet!
It'll be great.

To get a little involvement in the community, we signed up for 'bike
to work week'. All it is you sign up, and get free breakfast at the
end of the week. Those biscuits and gravy were pretty good, but not as
good as when elder Rowley makes them :)

So, Friday night, after Kayla's lesson, we were driving around, and
elder Rowleys cough was getting a little harsh, which ended up making
his stomach empty out of his mouth. So we went home and got him
cleaned up, and we couldn't go out all of Saturday because his fever
was hanging high, and he wasn't really getting better. Our medical guy
said we shouldn't go to church and go to the ER (there aren't too many
options in small towns). It was super weird to miss church, but we'll
be okay :)

Elder Rowley decided we would go to the hospital at noon, which I
thought was weird, but ended up being a good thing. When we got there,
the nurses thought we were there to 'bless' somebody, so it was funny
when they realized we were there to be treated :)

At the moment we were standing in the hallway. There had been an
accident and they brought someone in without a pulse, and all we could
hear was noises of the defibrillator machine going off. In the waiting
room was a small group of people who were absolutely panicked. I
assume they were relatives and at least one of them was in the
accident with the injured guy. The mom came out and asked us if we
could say a prayer with them, so we did. As I was standing there
praying over this family who was so helpless, it reminded me of
president Nelsons talk, 'men's hearts shall fail them'. While they
were crying and shaking, I was totally calm. I heard later the man
regained a pulse. The knowledge of the gospel that we have should not
be taken for granted, because that is what is going to give us hope in
times like that.

After 7 hours of waiting, sitting, elder Rowley getting tested and
checked on, we left with a prescription and a diagnosis of bronchitis.
The emergency room is not as fast paced as I thought it would be. It
was fun reading the scriptures to elder Rowley and reading hymns to
him :) He is still trying to get better so we can get back to working

We are still working with Branson and Anthony and Richard. There isn't
much to say about them yet, but I'm excited for them, especially
Richard and Branson!

So, that's the story of my week. I hope you take away that I'm doing
well, Worland is good, and bronchitis is something to avoid. Thanks
for tuning in! Till next time!

Elder Wylie coyote

Patiently waiting at the ER

Monday, May 16, 2016

Elder Wylie coyote update: expanding our horizons!

It was too bad that we didn't see a tornado on Monday, but its good
that there wasn't one to cause any damage. There sure was a tornado
watch going on!

This next transfer will be the third time for elder Rowley and a first
for me: we are taking over the sisters area, which means we will be
covering all three wards in Worland! First Ward is going to have a
rough transition from sisters to elders, but the Lord must see its due
time. You will probably be hearing about some interesting people the
next couple weeks!

On a lighter note, we got to look around the 'Amish Origins' place.
They make pain relieving ointment using oils and such. Your eyes kinda
burn for a bit while you're in there, but you get used to it :) Feel
free to order some online :)

Anyway, Richard took a few steps backward last week. Now he is trying
to move forward again. He just needed more time than we thought. I'm
still set on it happening!

There is a sweet older couple, the Paris's, that had us over for
dinner. Brother Paris is mostly blind with a bad foot, but still quick
minded. Sister Paris is a great help for him. They let some of the
little kids in the Ward come hang out at their house and have snacks.
They are just great people!

We are teaching a less active mom and her inactive son who loves
Johnny cash. Every time we go over there, he says, 'oh, that reminds
me of this song', and he gets out his guitar and plays along to some
gospel Johnny cash song. He's pretty good at the guitar, but he
doesn't have an amp. They definitely have great potential to become
active again. Just a few obstacles to overcome first.

Stake conference was this weekend here. We had Elder Hintze of the
seventy come. He is a hospital director in St Louis. I learned some
good things from conference. Here is two ideas to remember:

1. President Cottrell was relating 'The Lion King' to the gospel. He
mentioned how Simba was hanging out with Timone and Pumba, who were
not being good influences on him. Then, he said, 'bishop Raffiki' came
and talked to Simba about who he really was. He was destined to be
king, and what was he doing? Hanging around with bad friends! We all
are sons and daughters of the most high God! Sometimes I need to
remember that and make sure I'm not acting in a way that would
dishonor that.

2. President Cottrell also talked about when once there was a bag of
delicious Lindt truffles at his work. His first impulse was to take
the bag of chocolates and hide them in his desk(Which he did)! Later
in the story, he said he was reading the story of Lehi's vision of the
tree. He thought, 'what is the difference between wanting to share the
fruit of the tree of life and not wanting to share the Lindt? The
difference is this: there is an unlimited supply of the fruit of the
tree of life, and there are only a few chocolates. When we receive
something good, that is unlimited, our natural desire is to share it!
Those of us who have received the gospel should want to share it!

The gospel is good, or rather, it is delicious. It is unlimited. It
applies to everyone. Simply just share how it has worked for you, and
it can be life changing for someone.
Worland District

Well, here comes an exciting week for me. Hope you all have an
exciting week too!

Elder Wylie

Wylie Coyote update: the heavens are ever open!

Here is some education I gained this week:

1. Old homes did not have very big basements. In turn, the stairs to
those basements are very efficient, meaning, they are almost straight
down! We got to help the Paumers move an old water heater up and out
and a new one down. Good thing we had a rope. Quite a fun experience

2. Chinese cookies are kinda good, but Chinese characters are hard to
write! After helping some Chinese people do some hard work, they gave
us said cookies, and the next day, wrote them a thank you note
hopefully in their own language :) I hope they understand it.

This week we also helped a new family move some beds into their new
place. The Harvey's are originally from Tooele, Utah. When we came to
the door, sister Harvey exclaimed, 'our heroes!'. Then their kids came
out and gave us hugs. It's always fun to make people happy.

We had three notable visits this week. The first was with Joe
Espinoza, a solid recent convert. We talked about the Melchizedek
priesthood with him, which hopefully he will receive soon. He said he
was dreading this talk because it is such a big deal to him. He was
telling us how hard he felt it would be to remain worthy of that
priesthood once we obtain it. While it is definitely something to be
taken seriously, none of us are perfect yet God still trusts us with
His power and there is always repentance.

The second great visit we had was with Branson. We first planned on
teaching him at the Williams house, but they canceled, so we had to
find a plan B. We then called brother Hansen and learned his house was
available. It ended up being a great experience. We showed up with
Branson and found brother Hansen, along with a couple other great
youth, Andrew and Caitlin. Elder Rowley and I were a little
apprehensive, because our lesson was going to be about... The law of
Chastity! Once we got started however, everybody had effective and
real input. Brother Hansen had great insight and spoke bluntly and
simply, and Andrew and Caitlin have had experiences that applied that
they shared. It was a great lesson.

The third good visit was with Ray. He is a non-member father of a
recent convert who needs someone to talk to. He doesn't have much
going on in his life right now, but hopefully we can help him change
that :) He is very open to us and the gospel, and we hope he will see
that his daughters decision to join the church was good and he will
have that desire as well. We will see!

In district meeting last week, I gave a discussion on receiving
personal revelation. Through some study and personal experience, I
have come up with an effective way to receive personal revelation for
myself. There is a simple process we can all follow to  receive divine
guidance: "Ask, and it shall be given you; Seek, and he shall find;
Knock, and it shall be opened unto you."(Matthew 7:7) Ask = prayer,
seek = scripture study (modern and ancient), knock = action. The way I
follow this process is this:

1. Search yourself and write down questions that you need answers to.

2. Search diligently the words of God, of the prophets, and your
journal (meaning, examining experiences you've already had)!

3. Then act! Go forward with faith, keep the commandments, and act in faith!
In my experience, my questions I have written down have not always
gotten a direct answer. From the set of questions I ask at a
particular time, I seem to get multiple answers to each question, or
even answers I didn't necessarily ask for! Either way, the answers I
receive are surely divine guidance I need!

Don't give up on Him, because he will never, ever give up on you!
Love y'all! Go get some revelation!

Elder Wylie

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Wylie Coyote update: the gospel is real life!

From delicious white hot chocolate to awesome lessons with Richard,
this week was a good one! I feel like I'm just living life out here.
That white hot chocolate was seriously the best thing I've put across
my tongue in a while! Actually those T-bone steaks the Pedersons made
us for elder Rowley's birthday were super good! We are so blessed to
be in a place we are so comfortable.

Something that elder Rowley was super excited about this week was when
we saw two great horned owls in one day! Owls are sweet birds. If I
had a pet bird, I would either get an owl or a talking parrot. There
is a talking parrot at one of the thrift shops here, his name is
Carlton. He has been too shy to talk to us yet, but I hope if we go in
there enough he will open up :)

We have had some great spiritual experiences this week. Let's start
with Anthony. Anthony has been changing a lot over the past few months. Even before
I met him, his wife and missionaries have been helping him overcome
his word of wisdom issues and helping him gain a testimony of Joseph
Smith. Our lesson with him last week went very well, and he is making
plans to overcome the last of his addictions. His wife Jessica is a
great help for him! he will get baptized someday, hopefully soon :)

One night after a correlation meeting, Elder Rowley said we should go
visit a recent convert we haven't met yet. So we did, and we found her
father, Ray. We ended up talking with him for about an hour about the
church and apostles and the restoration! He let us into his house and
set up a return lesson with us! It seems that the Lord truly does
guide His servants to those who are prepared.

Speaking of prepared people, Richard is one of the most prepared
people I've ever met! I've probably said that before, but it's true!
We had two lessons with him last week, and his knowledge and testimony
are continually growing. He even invited one of his coworkers to
church and to a lesson with us! When we receive something good, it is
natural for us to share it. We watched the restoration movie with him,
and Richard loved it! He said, 'Can you get me a copy of this? I want
to show it to my mom, and maybe my fiancé.' He is still blown away by
how many temples there are and how big the church is. He also was
astounded by how we always have the answers to his questions even if
he never asks them. That's the Spirit right there brother! I'm so
excited for him and his fiancé!

Church was really good too! We had a shy recent convert, Eva, and our
favorite cat lady, Pam, bear their testimonies! We were so happy to
see them get up there!

Eva's son, Andrew is also a recent convert, and he just turned twelve
not too long ago. We got to stand in while Joe Espinoza, another
recent convert, gave Andrew the Aaronic priesthood! Joe was so
nervous, but he did just fine. Now Andrew can participate in the
sacrament and Joe has exercised his priesthood power. Such awesome
experiences going on all around.

I've heard multiple people say, speaking of the gospel, 'I wish I had
found this a long time ago.' I realize how incredibly blessed I am to
have grown up surrounded by such amazing people and have had the
gospel in my life for my whole life. It brings such great peace,
happiness, joy, and hope into our lives. Just imagine life without the
gospel, not knowing why we are here, not knowing if we are going to
live after this life, not having knowledge of Jesus Christ or having
the gift of the Holy Ghost! We are so privileged to have all of that!
I love it, and I've grown to love sharing it and helping others gain that
for themselves.

Thanks y'all for helping me out and supporting me!
Elder Wylie
A beary good investigator