Monday, May 16, 2016

Elder Wylie coyote update: expanding our horizons!

It was too bad that we didn't see a tornado on Monday, but its good
that there wasn't one to cause any damage. There sure was a tornado
watch going on!

This next transfer will be the third time for elder Rowley and a first
for me: we are taking over the sisters area, which means we will be
covering all three wards in Worland! First Ward is going to have a
rough transition from sisters to elders, but the Lord must see its due
time. You will probably be hearing about some interesting people the
next couple weeks!

On a lighter note, we got to look around the 'Amish Origins' place.
They make pain relieving ointment using oils and such. Your eyes kinda
burn for a bit while you're in there, but you get used to it :) Feel
free to order some online :)

Anyway, Richard took a few steps backward last week. Now he is trying
to move forward again. He just needed more time than we thought. I'm
still set on it happening!

There is a sweet older couple, the Paris's, that had us over for
dinner. Brother Paris is mostly blind with a bad foot, but still quick
minded. Sister Paris is a great help for him. They let some of the
little kids in the Ward come hang out at their house and have snacks.
They are just great people!

We are teaching a less active mom and her inactive son who loves
Johnny cash. Every time we go over there, he says, 'oh, that reminds
me of this song', and he gets out his guitar and plays along to some
gospel Johnny cash song. He's pretty good at the guitar, but he
doesn't have an amp. They definitely have great potential to become
active again. Just a few obstacles to overcome first.

Stake conference was this weekend here. We had Elder Hintze of the
seventy come. He is a hospital director in St Louis. I learned some
good things from conference. Here is two ideas to remember:

1. President Cottrell was relating 'The Lion King' to the gospel. He
mentioned how Simba was hanging out with Timone and Pumba, who were
not being good influences on him. Then, he said, 'bishop Raffiki' came
and talked to Simba about who he really was. He was destined to be
king, and what was he doing? Hanging around with bad friends! We all
are sons and daughters of the most high God! Sometimes I need to
remember that and make sure I'm not acting in a way that would
dishonor that.

2. President Cottrell also talked about when once there was a bag of
delicious Lindt truffles at his work. His first impulse was to take
the bag of chocolates and hide them in his desk(Which he did)! Later
in the story, he said he was reading the story of Lehi's vision of the
tree. He thought, 'what is the difference between wanting to share the
fruit of the tree of life and not wanting to share the Lindt? The
difference is this: there is an unlimited supply of the fruit of the
tree of life, and there are only a few chocolates. When we receive
something good, that is unlimited, our natural desire is to share it!
Those of us who have received the gospel should want to share it!

The gospel is good, or rather, it is delicious. It is unlimited. It
applies to everyone. Simply just share how it has worked for you, and
it can be life changing for someone.
Worland District

Well, here comes an exciting week for me. Hope you all have an
exciting week too!

Elder Wylie

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