Monday, May 23, 2016

Wylie Coyote: no need to panic!

Read on to hear about our adventures in a new Ward, free breakfast for
riding bikes, and the emergency room!

We survived a week covering three wards. The sisters were teaching
some interesting people. Here are three of them: first there is Roy
Decker. He's one of the healthiest 84 year olds I've ever met. He has
come to the point in his life where he wants to start coming back to
the fold he was once a part of, meaning, we are helping him get
re-baptized! He's a funny guy, and is very understanding of the things
we are teaching him. 

Second, there is Bianca. She has been through a
lot in her life, and now she has three kids, one on the way, and might
be kicked out of her place. She seems to be an unlikely investigator,
but she really does want to come closer to God. The lessons really
help her and she reads the Book of Mormon with her kids! We hope we
can help her progress at least some while we're here. 

Third, there is Kayla. She is nine years old and is getting baptized this week! Her
understanding has increased a lot and her grandpa, who is our Ward
mission leader, is impressed. She picked who was giving the talks and
baptizing her at our last lesson, and she picked me to baptize her!
I'm super excited! I haven't baptized someone for themselves yet!
It'll be great.

To get a little involvement in the community, we signed up for 'bike
to work week'. All it is you sign up, and get free breakfast at the
end of the week. Those biscuits and gravy were pretty good, but not as
good as when elder Rowley makes them :)

So, Friday night, after Kayla's lesson, we were driving around, and
elder Rowleys cough was getting a little harsh, which ended up making
his stomach empty out of his mouth. So we went home and got him
cleaned up, and we couldn't go out all of Saturday because his fever
was hanging high, and he wasn't really getting better. Our medical guy
said we shouldn't go to church and go to the ER (there aren't too many
options in small towns). It was super weird to miss church, but we'll
be okay :)

Elder Rowley decided we would go to the hospital at noon, which I
thought was weird, but ended up being a good thing. When we got there,
the nurses thought we were there to 'bless' somebody, so it was funny
when they realized we were there to be treated :)

At the moment we were standing in the hallway. There had been an
accident and they brought someone in without a pulse, and all we could
hear was noises of the defibrillator machine going off. In the waiting
room was a small group of people who were absolutely panicked. I
assume they were relatives and at least one of them was in the
accident with the injured guy. The mom came out and asked us if we
could say a prayer with them, so we did. As I was standing there
praying over this family who was so helpless, it reminded me of
president Nelsons talk, 'men's hearts shall fail them'. While they
were crying and shaking, I was totally calm. I heard later the man
regained a pulse. The knowledge of the gospel that we have should not
be taken for granted, because that is what is going to give us hope in
times like that.

After 7 hours of waiting, sitting, elder Rowley getting tested and
checked on, we left with a prescription and a diagnosis of bronchitis.
The emergency room is not as fast paced as I thought it would be. It
was fun reading the scriptures to elder Rowley and reading hymns to
him :) He is still trying to get better so we can get back to working

We are still working with Branson and Anthony and Richard. There isn't
much to say about them yet, but I'm excited for them, especially
Richard and Branson!

So, that's the story of my week. I hope you take away that I'm doing
well, Worland is good, and bronchitis is something to avoid. Thanks
for tuning in! Till next time!

Elder Wylie coyote

Patiently waiting at the ER

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