Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Wylie Coyote update: the gospel is real life!

From delicious white hot chocolate to awesome lessons with Richard,
this week was a good one! I feel like I'm just living life out here.
That white hot chocolate was seriously the best thing I've put across
my tongue in a while! Actually those T-bone steaks the Pedersons made
us for elder Rowley's birthday were super good! We are so blessed to
be in a place we are so comfortable.

Something that elder Rowley was super excited about this week was when
we saw two great horned owls in one day! Owls are sweet birds. If I
had a pet bird, I would either get an owl or a talking parrot. There
is a talking parrot at one of the thrift shops here, his name is
Carlton. He has been too shy to talk to us yet, but I hope if we go in
there enough he will open up :)

We have had some great spiritual experiences this week. Let's start
with Anthony. Anthony has been changing a lot over the past few months. Even before
I met him, his wife and missionaries have been helping him overcome
his word of wisdom issues and helping him gain a testimony of Joseph
Smith. Our lesson with him last week went very well, and he is making
plans to overcome the last of his addictions. His wife Jessica is a
great help for him! he will get baptized someday, hopefully soon :)

One night after a correlation meeting, Elder Rowley said we should go
visit a recent convert we haven't met yet. So we did, and we found her
father, Ray. We ended up talking with him for about an hour about the
church and apostles and the restoration! He let us into his house and
set up a return lesson with us! It seems that the Lord truly does
guide His servants to those who are prepared.

Speaking of prepared people, Richard is one of the most prepared
people I've ever met! I've probably said that before, but it's true!
We had two lessons with him last week, and his knowledge and testimony
are continually growing. He even invited one of his coworkers to
church and to a lesson with us! When we receive something good, it is
natural for us to share it. We watched the restoration movie with him,
and Richard loved it! He said, 'Can you get me a copy of this? I want
to show it to my mom, and maybe my fiancé.' He is still blown away by
how many temples there are and how big the church is. He also was
astounded by how we always have the answers to his questions even if
he never asks them. That's the Spirit right there brother! I'm so
excited for him and his fiancé!

Church was really good too! We had a shy recent convert, Eva, and our
favorite cat lady, Pam, bear their testimonies! We were so happy to
see them get up there!

Eva's son, Andrew is also a recent convert, and he just turned twelve
not too long ago. We got to stand in while Joe Espinoza, another
recent convert, gave Andrew the Aaronic priesthood! Joe was so
nervous, but he did just fine. Now Andrew can participate in the
sacrament and Joe has exercised his priesthood power. Such awesome
experiences going on all around.

I've heard multiple people say, speaking of the gospel, 'I wish I had
found this a long time ago.' I realize how incredibly blessed I am to
have grown up surrounded by such amazing people and have had the
gospel in my life for my whole life. It brings such great peace,
happiness, joy, and hope into our lives. Just imagine life without the
gospel, not knowing why we are here, not knowing if we are going to
live after this life, not having knowledge of Jesus Christ or having
the gift of the Holy Ghost! We are so privileged to have all of that!
I love it, and I've grown to love sharing it and helping others gain that
for themselves.

Thanks y'all for helping me out and supporting me!
Elder Wylie
A beary good investigator

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