Monday, May 16, 2016

Wylie Coyote update: the heavens are ever open!

Here is some education I gained this week:

1. Old homes did not have very big basements. In turn, the stairs to
those basements are very efficient, meaning, they are almost straight
down! We got to help the Paumers move an old water heater up and out
and a new one down. Good thing we had a rope. Quite a fun experience

2. Chinese cookies are kinda good, but Chinese characters are hard to
write! After helping some Chinese people do some hard work, they gave
us said cookies, and the next day, wrote them a thank you note
hopefully in their own language :) I hope they understand it.

This week we also helped a new family move some beds into their new
place. The Harvey's are originally from Tooele, Utah. When we came to
the door, sister Harvey exclaimed, 'our heroes!'. Then their kids came
out and gave us hugs. It's always fun to make people happy.

We had three notable visits this week. The first was with Joe
Espinoza, a solid recent convert. We talked about the Melchizedek
priesthood with him, which hopefully he will receive soon. He said he
was dreading this talk because it is such a big deal to him. He was
telling us how hard he felt it would be to remain worthy of that
priesthood once we obtain it. While it is definitely something to be
taken seriously, none of us are perfect yet God still trusts us with
His power and there is always repentance.

The second great visit we had was with Branson. We first planned on
teaching him at the Williams house, but they canceled, so we had to
find a plan B. We then called brother Hansen and learned his house was
available. It ended up being a great experience. We showed up with
Branson and found brother Hansen, along with a couple other great
youth, Andrew and Caitlin. Elder Rowley and I were a little
apprehensive, because our lesson was going to be about... The law of
Chastity! Once we got started however, everybody had effective and
real input. Brother Hansen had great insight and spoke bluntly and
simply, and Andrew and Caitlin have had experiences that applied that
they shared. It was a great lesson.

The third good visit was with Ray. He is a non-member father of a
recent convert who needs someone to talk to. He doesn't have much
going on in his life right now, but hopefully we can help him change
that :) He is very open to us and the gospel, and we hope he will see
that his daughters decision to join the church was good and he will
have that desire as well. We will see!

In district meeting last week, I gave a discussion on receiving
personal revelation. Through some study and personal experience, I
have come up with an effective way to receive personal revelation for
myself. There is a simple process we can all follow to  receive divine
guidance: "Ask, and it shall be given you; Seek, and he shall find;
Knock, and it shall be opened unto you."(Matthew 7:7) Ask = prayer,
seek = scripture study (modern and ancient), knock = action. The way I
follow this process is this:

1. Search yourself and write down questions that you need answers to.

2. Search diligently the words of God, of the prophets, and your
journal (meaning, examining experiences you've already had)!

3. Then act! Go forward with faith, keep the commandments, and act in faith!
In my experience, my questions I have written down have not always
gotten a direct answer. From the set of questions I ask at a
particular time, I seem to get multiple answers to each question, or
even answers I didn't necessarily ask for! Either way, the answers I
receive are surely divine guidance I need!

Don't give up on Him, because he will never, ever give up on you!
Love y'all! Go get some revelation!

Elder Wylie

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