Sunday, May 1, 2016

Wylie Coyote Update: slow down and enjoy the sunshine

Are you ready for some more bite size snippets from my week? Well here ya go:

* I went on an exchange with a bible-bashing elder from Missouri on
Tuesday. It went good, but I learned I don't want to bible bash
anyone. Why would you want to try and convert people in a different
way than the way you were converted?

* We had a great district meeting on Wednesday. I realize one of my
faults is not checking the gas tank level before traveling. I'm glad
my desperate prayers were answered as I drove 10 miles while the gas
warning light was on :) District meeting was very inspirational, and
it motivated me to be more consecrated in what I have with me, what I
listen to, and what I say and do. I don't need anything right now that
will weaken my ability to fulfill my calling!

* Elder Rowley, before his mission, had a snow cone almost every day
during the summer. Elder Rowley hasn't had a snow cone for 19 months,
until Saturday. We were driving on Main Street, and suddenly elder
Rowley started flipping out saying, 'it's open elder Wylie! It's open!
Aaaahhhhh!!" We got snow cones that day :)

* One morning we were walking around town and found a man cleaning up
the leaves in his front yard. We decided to go help him out. Elder
Rowley got the normal rake, and I got the broken 2 foot rake. My back
was sore from bending over, but doing that service was super fun. I
hope something will come of it for someone, even if we don't see it.

* We have been going over to a lady, Pam, who is about to give up
smoking for good. We went over every day for a few days and sang an
uplifting hymn with her. It was cool to see how it touched her heart.
The message and the feeling of the hymns are powerful!

* A few weeks ago, the Greybull elders lost track of Cody, one of
their recent converts. They told us to look for him in Worland. One
day last week, I thought I saw him pulling away in a truck by some
apartments. On Saturday, as we were by those apartments again, I had
the thought to try door closest to the road. So we did, and we found
Cody! He was confused on how we knew him and where he lived. It was by
our efforts, and also the Spirit. It made me think of Jonah who was
trying to run away from God. You can't hide from God no matter what
you do!

* We helped the Burgess family move some couches around in their
house. They put their 2 quiet little chihuahuas on the shelf to get
them out of the way :) They are a fun family. Spending time with good
member families lightens my day.

* As far as Richard, we weren't able to teach him last week, so he
probably won't get baptized this week either! But I don't doubt that
he will! I just won't tell you it is happening until it's actually
gonna happen. I'm excited for him, along with Branson. I hope he will
be able to help his dad see that he is surely ready to be baptized.
Thank you for everything, and don't forget to pray to the God you
gives you your daily breath!

Elder Alex Wylie

May the Spirit be with you
The king of animal selfies!

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