Monday, June 6, 2016

Wylie coyote update: God's hand over all

Want to know some things I learned this week?

1. Don't assume that the gas station bathroom is sound proof. Elder
Rowley said he heard my humming from across the store!

2. When swinging a pick axe, stay away from the water line! Don't
worry, it wasn't me :)

3. God's hand is working wonders in people's lives! We had some
miracles this week.

This week was above average it felt like. It felt really good after a
week of sickness and boredom. Here are some of the highlights.

There was a culture fest in town the other day. We decided to go talk
to people there since it seemed more effective than anything else. We
found a lot of people we knew, including investigators, less-actives,
actives, and a random member from Highland Utah (his last name was
Lyman, and he was a representative for Guardian flight air ambulance).
There was some uplifting Christian music and interpretive dance, which
was interesting. One of our investigators was the announcer, and he
sure has a good voice for it. He pretty much knows almost everything,
especially about history. We hope we can help him exercise his faith
this week!

Going to church while covering three wards is pretty crazy! We started
doing splits so we could cover all the meetings. It went something
like this: we started out in third Ward council, then went to the
beginning of third Ward sacrament meeting. Part way through, we ran
over to first Ward council. After that, we dropped in on third Ward
gospel principles. Then elder Rowley let me off with our first Ward
mission leader, brother trombley, and elder Rowley went back into
third Ward gospel principles. While I went to first Ward sacrament
meeting, elder Rowley went to third Ward elders quorum. Then after
that he went to second Ward council, and shortly after I went to help
ordain a new priest before first Ward elders quorum (that was a pretty
sweet opportunity!). Then I went to first Ward elders quorum, and it
was me and two other guys talking about their kids 😑. After that I
waited for elder Rowley to get out of second Ward sacrament meeting to
go to the rest of the second Ward meetings. Phew, I hope you got all
that, hahaha!

We had a sweet district meeting last week as well. There was
definitely powerful testimony and truth shared. It made me think about
the broad view of what we are doing and what we can do! We are
preparing the world for the second coming! We are literally servants
of Jesus Christ exercising His power though our faith to help others
along in their conversion. Doctrine and covenants section 31 is like
the Lord's letter to missionaries! I recommend you go read it. When we
are in the service of God, we don't need to worry; we will be taken
care of!

One sweet miracle we had this week involved Branson, who we have been
teaching for almost four months now. His dad wanted him to have a
perfect testimony and knowledge of the gospel. We haven't been able to
meet with his dad to talk about it. Then, in our lesson last week with
him at a member's house, he asked us at the end, "So my dad wanted me
to ask you guys when we could do my baptism?" In my head I was like,
'wait...what?' It was a miracle! So we now have a date for him, which
is June 23rd! I am super excited and glad that finally, after a little
convincing from the Ward, his dad decided he was ready. We don't need
a perfect knowledge of the church or anything before or even after we
are baptized. That comes from experience and life long learning.

Our other miracle was how we found a new, prepared investigator. We
were going to have a lesson with a sweet guy named Juan, but he wasn't
home. So instead, we went over to try a less-active lady we haven't
met yet in the apartments. Just ahead of us we saw a little girl with
her mom and she said, 'it's the elders!'. As we went up and talked to
her, we found out she recently came up here from Denver, and she was
baptized but never confirmed! I've never heard of that! The next day
we were able to hear the rest of her story. Basically, she lived in
Denver and was homeless for a while, and those around her were abusive
and dangerous. She had strong promptings that she needed to come up
here, even though she didn't have any idea why. She got all the way up
to Casper, and a truck-driving couple took her the rest of the way.
She now has her own place to provide a roof over the heads of her two
sweet little girls. It was a miracle that she even made it up here,
let alone get her own place! She was definitely carried by God's hand.
I'm so glad He led us to her as well. Her name is Bernadette, and her
little girls like to call us 'the amens' :)

So, that was my good week. I hope to have more like that, and I'm
excited for Branson and Bernadette! Thanks y'all for the support and
taking time to read about my life. Until next time, may the Spirit be
with you!

Elder amen

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