Monday, June 13, 2016

Wylie Coyote update: rain can't beat the sunshine in you

To the reader: an abbreviated version of the recently past week of
June, told by one who is called 'elder Wylie' who is located in
Worland, Wyoming.

Disclaimer: as you read about the events in the following paragraphs,
please note that  there were no animals harmed as the events played

There are a few events that are witnessed by a missionary that make
him very pleased. One is when he teaches a solid investigator who will
be baptized soon. Another is when investigators attend church. Another
is when he gets the unexpected opportunity to teach a whole family the
entire restoration and has them commit to find out the truth for
themselves. There are surely other events that make missionaries
happy, but the few I formerly mentioned I was privileged to experience
this past week.

We had a good 'final' lesson with Branson, which means we've taught
him all the points he needs to know. He has a great, increasing
testimony of the Book of Mormon and the church. He is still on track
to get baptized on the 23rd! I'm super excited! Hopefully he will get
back from Disneyland in time to have his interview :)

We had two investigators come to church yesterday: Bianca and
Bernadette. It was awesome to have them there. They both love the
feeling they get at church and the spiritual strength they receive for
the week. Even though Bianca is moving soon, I believe she will
eventually get baptized. But she definitely needs time. Bernadette,
since she was already baptized once, is already set on doing so when
she feels settled down and ready here. She has seriously been through
some rough experiences, but even she recognizes the maturity and
growth she has gained from them. No matter the trials we are dealt,
they are always opportunities we must take as learning, growing, and
maturing experiences.

We finally got into the home of a potential investigator the sisters
found a while ago. When we stepped inside after knocking three times,
they let us sit down and then the mom went and gathered the rest of
the family to come listen. That was unexpected! So we sat there with
the mom, Lupé, and her kids, Noami, Nicole, and Emily, along with a
friend, josh. We went through the whole restoration, and they
understood it well. Lupé said she wouldn't change, but she will always
let followers of Christ into her home, and she will let her kids choose
how they follow him. Noami and josh seemed to be touched by the
message especially, but they all committed to read and pray.

Lupé did bring up an important point. All of us Christians, all who
believe in Christ MUST be on the same side. Mormons are not the only
ones that will be around during the millennium. However, all of us
will one day have to make a choice whether we are going to completely
accept the true gospel of Jesus Christ, or completely not accept it.
By completely accepting he gospel of Jesus Christ is how we will be
able to live with him in the highest degree of glory. Let that be your

These have been the highlights of my week. I don't have the time nor the
patience to place everything I'm experiencing in words, nor would I
expect you to be interested in all those details. Just know that my
mission experience thus far is all sorts of awesome, crazy, hard, and
challenging. It's a great calling to have to be a missionary.

Have a good one, y'all, and may the Spirit always be with you!
Elder Wylie
Worland WY

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