Monday, July 11, 2016

Wylie coyote update: a week in God's land!

The locals are right when they say this is God's land! Biking out on
the dirt roads through the trees feels like how I expected Montana
would be. Most of our area covers dirt roads, back roads and wide open
spaces with sweet views! It's an adventure to bike around everyday!
The other day we biked four miles in pouring rain and got completely
drenched! It was super fun!

We've had some other cool more spiritual adventures like serving the
elderly at the living center, going to a mission prep class, giving a
Book of Mormon to a random lady who lives in her car, and teaching
Bridget! We heard that a member of our Ward, Alex, was engaged to a
non member who has been coming to church for a while, and so we asked
if she would be interested in taking the lessons. Two days later, we
had a lesson with them both, taught her the first lesson, and put her
on date for August 6th! She is solid! I'm excited for her and hope she
makes that date. Like I said, she has been coming to church already
and has a strong Christian background.

I'm loving it up here. I've realized something that I've been lacking
on but is what I need to do everyday a lot, and that is prayer.
"Prayer will change the night to day", "the evil spirit teacheth not a
man to pray", "pray always that he may come off conqueror". Prayers
are heard and prayers are answered. I am committing to pray a lot more
this week, and I ask you to do the same! If you seem to hesitate or
shy away from praying, ask yourself why, and pray anyway! I have seen
God's hand in my life, especially on my mission, and I know His hand
is in your life already!

Keep praying, keep moving, and remember Christ at all times!
Elder Wylie

Elder Wylie and Elder Evans

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