Thursday, August 18, 2016

Wylie coyote: confidence; punch Satan in the face!

Do you want to know what it's like to drive a brand new truck, listen
to inspired general authorities, teach polygamists, or confound
pastors by the Spirit? Well here's my week for you.

First of all, we did get a brand new truck, a 2016 red Nissan
Frontier. I feel very privileged, and know that we need to take good
care of the Lords car! It sure helps us get around our large area. We
will still be biking some because it's fun and it feels good :)

Stake conference was really good! We had a new area seventy in
training, elder Rawson, and a general authority seventy, elder Grow.
Elder Grow has a very funny personality. He was very entertaining as
he called up a whole Ward council and asked them how they were doing
in their callings! It's cool when you sit in meeting like that and
receive personal revelation, not even about what they're speaking on
sometimes! One of the things that he did say that stuck with me was, "Do
your habits match your hopes?" To become who we want to become, we
need to BE who we want to become each day!

We also had the chance this week to meet some people from the AUB,
which is basically a split off from the Lds church. It was so weird
talking to them, because they believe almost everything we do, the
Book of Mormon, Joseph smith, the restoration, the priesthood, they
pray the same, except they believe in plural marriage. I hope we can
help them gain a testimony of revelation and priesthood keys so they
can see where they are missing something.

Now, for a cool story! It started on Thursday when we went to see a
less-active guy. We knocked on the door and he came out and started
talking, and soon enough, we found out he was actually a pastor from
another church! Long story short, as we had this discussion with him,
elder Evans was overcome by the Spirit and he started testifying and
replying with answers to all of his questions. It was amazing to
witness and feel the power of the Spirit that was present. That power
is something elder Evans has been trying to get back, and now he does.

Then, last night, we had another miracle happen. Rachel brown, one of
our solid recent converts, invited us four elders to her house to
teach her mom and sister! That's a miracle right there, because
missionaries have never been allowed in that house because of her dad.
We got to sit down with her mom and sister and share the gospel with
them! It started off with just us answering their questions about the
missionary program, which eventually led into the restoration lesson.
At one point in the lesson, right as one elder was talking about the
Jospeh smith story, elder Evans was prompted to be bold and say
basically this; "Do you know what the Holy Ghost is? How the Holy
Ghost will testify of truth in our hearts? I promise you that as I
read this, the Holy Ghost will confirm to you that this is true." When
he read it and testified of it, the Spirit was so strong in the room.
Then Rachel's sister, Elizabeth, got up and left the room crying! We
all recognized that she felt that confirmation from the Spirit! We
continued to teach their mom and she ended up committing to read and
pray about the Book of Mormon, and talk about it with her husband.

Through these amazing spiritual experiences, I have realized what I
need to do now to improve. That is, I need more confidence in Christ!
I have grown a lot of confidence already, but I feel like I am still
lacking. I feel like I could be more bold and have more spiritual
power if I increase my testimony and knowledge of the reality of the
gospel and the atonement of Jesus Christ. That is one of the things I
am going to do for this next year is attain a great confidence in
Christ and overcome all fear. Fear is the opposite of faith, so if you
have fears, which we all do, there is room for improvement.

I hope you all consider how you can increase your confidence in
Christ, because I know you will gain a much stronger knowledge and
testimony of the gospel as you do so!

I hope you all are doing well! Keep being awesome!
Elder Wylie

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