Monday, August 1, 2016

Wylie coyote update: the gospel is reality!

July is done and gone! Where did it go!? It seemed like there was more
to do in July! But time move on whether we like it or not, so it's
time to hop to it!

There were some great moments last week. Let me tell you about them!
As usual, we have been biking a lot! One day we biked an hour just to
get to dinner! It's fun, except when it's above 90 degrees out and
you're getting roasted! Don't worry, we have sunblock. That dinner was
at the Moses's house. They are a fun recent convert family. The
youngest daughter, Heidi, reminded me of Bree because she was excited
to show us all her Angry Birds books. It's cool to see whole families
join the church. I hope we find a family that's ready! We have one
possibility, so I'm hoping they're it!

We found a fun service opportunity at a Catholic Church. It's a free
lunch for less fortunate kids. So we got to prepare and serve some
food, and also eat some :) It's important to remember not just to only
wait till people come to our church, we should go out and support
other people in their good causes.

It seems like Stevensville is a service hotspot! We have almost too
many opportunities to serve the community! Last week we got to play
bingo with an old man who has dimensia (if that's even how you spell
it). We also met an old lady from Holland who told us they really did
used to wear wooden shoes, and she gave us this advice, 'if you don't
have a sense of humor, you won't make it this long'. Profound :)

The Shannons are some of my favorite people here. I've probably
mentioned them before, but I just have to mention them again! The
shannons have only been active for a few months, and they're getting
ready to go to the temple again. One of the reasons they became active
again was because sister Shannon started worrying about the
missionaries! They weren't getting fed well enough. So she took it
upon herself to take care of the missionary dinner calendar. Now,
sister Shannon makes sure we have a place to eat every night, and on
Sunday, she 'done did humble' some people! Hardly anybody signed up last
week, so she stood up and showed her great disappointment. Let's just
say we are eating well this month :)

Our recent convert Rachel is awesome! She has such a great testimony
and knowledge of the gospel. Hopefully her family will open their
hearts someday. We had a great discussion with her about the plan of
salvation and related topics. She will be a very influential

The most spiritual part of the week was definitely zone training. I
love the Stevensville zone! I couldn't tell you half of how awesome
our meeting was! The Spirit was so apparently present and personal
revelation seemed to be raining down on all of us. I learned a lot
from the Spirit in that meeting. A couple of cool thoughts I learned:

1. There are some things in this world that are unworthy of our
attention. Especially as missionaries, we are 'set apart' to not
take part in worldly activities. However, anyone who has taken upon
themselves the name of Jesus Christ, there are many activities and
things that we should not allot our attention to.

2. Daily repentance is a way of living. Imagine a list of sins we can
commit. Now imagine a list of sins Christ can commit (that list is
blank!). To repent is to strive to make our list like Christ's empty
list. We need to BECOME more like Christ to repent, not just change
our behavior.

At the end of the zone training, I got the opportunity to bear my
testimony. So to end this, I will bear that testimony again.

The gospel of Jesus Christ actually works. I have literally felt the
strength and forgiveness that comes from it. I've literally have had
guilt swept away and peace overcome me in times of stress. Jesus
Christ is literally real and He literally performed an atonement for
all. I keep using that word 'literally', but it describes my feelings
well. Heavenly Father is a literal being who loves us so much and is
closer than we may perceive Him to be. I have literally felt the Holy
Ghost teach, testify, and gift me wisdom and knowledge. Literally. I
know the Book of Mormon is blue and true. In the words of Joseph
smith; "I knew it, and I knew that God knew it, and I could not deny
it." That is where I am at. I know it. I know that God knows it. I
cannot and will never be able to deny it. That is my testimony.
Stevensville Zone

Thank you all for your prayers. I feel your sustaining support.

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