Friday, September 23, 2016

Wylie Coyote: eternal growth

I've pretty much known my transfer news for a couple weeks, but here
it is. I'm going to Billings! I'm actually gonna be right around the
mission home in the pioneer park Ward. And on top of that, I will be
training for the first time! I'm pretty excited. It will sure be an
adventure getting doubled in training. But I'm ready for the

I'm happy for the time I've spent in Stevensville. The area seems to
have improved, which is good. I know there are going to be people
baptized here soon. Elder Evans is staying here to take care of
things, and he is training too! His curve ball is he is training a
Spanish speaker! He isn't even a Spanish speaking missionary! But
elder Evans is so excited because he gets to learn with him and he
loves languages.

There was a baptism for an 8 year old kid this past weekend. His
family has been struggling spiritually so it was really cool to have
their family there for the baptism of their son. We might be able to
start teaching the grandmother, since she isn't a member and she came
to the baptism!

I forget if I said this already, but here you go: we also found a
family to teach from the less-active list. Tim is a member, but his
kids and wife are not. His wife isn't interested, but they are a super
nice family. He looked like a pretty rough guy when we first
approached him, but now we know he actually wants us to come teach his
kids! Sweet!

On the other side of the spectrum, we were trying to visit a
less-active lady on the list, and we didn't even make it out of the
car before this guy comes out and tells us to turn around. "Not a good
time! You can just go back down the driveway. Bye!" Then as elder
Evans was helping me back up outside the truck, the guy keeps yelling
at him! "I'm gonna ask politely. Get the *beep off my property! It
says no trespassing! (It didn't, haha). I'm gonna call the police!"
Some people are hard to understand. I don't know what he associated us
with, but it's too bad. Hopefully someday in the future that guy will
open up.

Overall, I'm doing great. I'm learning, growing, and will be growing a
lot more. Next week we will see how stressed I am :)

Last thing: if you haven't seen it yet, look up the video
"#beenrestored" on Facebook or YouTube! It's a sweet rap video about
the restoration that was made in our mission! Woah! Anyway, watch it,
share is, and enjoy it :)

I hope you all are doing great! Keep it up!

May the Spirit be with you
Elder Wylie

Monday, September 5, 2016

Wylie coyote: Montanan livin!

*the following is best understood in a Montanan accent :)
Here in the Bitterroot valley, many people that feed you will say they
grew everything on the table themselves. And isn't that the truth! And
those are some of the best meals we get. Heck, I've probably had fresh
corn almost everyday last week! It's real good!

Also here in the Bitterroot valley last week, we had the Ravalli
county fair! You've got the rodeo and the rides, but all we got to do
was sit there at the family history booth and wait for people to come
to us. We weren't running it for sure, but the awesome family history
people were. There was a good amount of people that were interested in
family history, but not in the church. Oh well, that's a start.

We also had some good times at the ol' folks home, commonly known as
the living center. No one was really interested in bowling so it ended
up just being me and elder Evans. The couple three people we had at
the beginning ditched us for the pot and never came back. The next day
we came back and had dinner there with our man brother fisher. He's
pretty funny, and he made sure we knew he loves the Pittsburgh pirates.
We also had the annual Ward potluck down at sister Olson's house.
There was a good amount of people we didn't know, so it was good.
Elder Evans and I almost proved ourselves at horseshoes, but lost 9 to

*Okay, enough of the Montanan, now on to the spiritual side ;)
We had a few good visits with people. We have one lady, Karen, who
really appreciated us showing her the part in the Book of Mormon where
Christ visits the Americas. We have another lady, Dana, that has had
missionaries come on and off for a long time. She does want to come to
church, so we're gonna make sure her dog gets taken care of so she can
come. Then there is Cheryl again. We have a lesson with her tomorrow tomorrow
and I hope it goes well. I can tell she definitely has an open heart.

Final thought of the day. Our Ward mission leader shared a spiritual
thought yesterday that was pretty sweet. We had helped him last week
give the sacrament to his wife and another member. His wife was really
touched when she got it. She said it was really eye opening to see the
tray with only one cup in it for her. The gospel really is a personal
and individual thing, even though we do it with other people. Christ
died for you! He suffered for you! Remember that each time you take
the sacrament.

Well, thanks for reading my weekly excerpt. Hope you enjoyed it.
Elder Wylie

I found a chicken! El pollo!