Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wylie coyote: on, on to the victory

What's a 'linger longer'? I went to my first one yesterday! It was pretty fun to have a Ward dinner after church. It works out well because we have church from 2:30 to 5:30! It's pretty late, but it's starting to grow on me :)

Well, I think we passed our observation. Just kidding, it wasn't a test. There was no cameras or anything. Just a nice lady from the MTC that came up for a couple three days to observe how we use technology in missionary work, as well as how we use and apply the 12 weeks program. She was pretty fun to have around. She gave us some good advice, and bought us and the other elders lunch! Fun times.

We got to do some service at the temple! However there was some miscommunication. We heard we were 'changing bulbs', but instead we came and found out we were 'planting bulbs', haha. It was still fun. I got to see a recent convert from Stevensville, Rachel brown! She is doing well, and so is her family, who are not members. But she said her sister finally is starting to have a belief in God, which is great.

The Dolans are still around. It's pretty rough because their baptism date keeps getting pushed back. Not because they aren't ready, but because we have a bunch of conferences coming up and they aren't here every weekend. We are trying for the end of the month, but if not, it'll have to be half way through November! It'll happen someday. The Dolans bus wasn't starting up for a while so they couldn't move it. But just the other day, he called and told us it finally started! It was a miracle! But then it died again. At least he knows the problem now :)

The Carters are an interesting case. We have hope for them, but the Ward has lost theirs. They seemingly haven't progressed in the past few years they have been working with them, even though they show desire. We are working closely with them right now, and we are really trying to help them get out of the rut they've been in for a while. They have hope!

We had a cool meeting with Donnie the other day. He's a solid investigator. Anyways, long story short, we found him working on a members truck one night. The member, brother deters, let us in for a minute to talk. We ended up sharing a couple of scriptures from the Book of Mormon and talked about the Holy Ghost. When we described what it was and what it felt like, he said "I've been feeling that for the past 15 minutes" (how long we had been there). That was cool to hear from him. He's definitely getting baptized soon.

Last cool story. For the last night we were with sister Carlson (lady from the MTC) we set up a lesson with a sister Beck and her non member roommate. When we got there, her roommate bailed on us, so it was just sister Beck. We soon realized we were actually there for her. She was in a really rough spot and felt a little lost. I had the thought come to mind to share a quote from a talk called "How to obtain revelation and inspiration for your personal life" and share my experience with personal revelation. She was crying while I shared that and afterwards she told us that's what she had been told earlier that day from some members of the Ward that came to visit her, and that was just what she needed. 

It was really cool to witness that touching miracle of revelation. I do have a strong testimony of receiving personal revelation though. I have literally prayed and studied and have received divine inspiration. It works. 

Well, that's all for this week! Thanks for reading! Until next time,

May the Spirit be with you,
Elder Wylie

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