Monday, October 10, 2016

Wylie coyote: roller coaster of a mission

What a crazy week! Let me tell you a little bit about it.

First of all, Micah's baptism was sweet. She was happy and said she feels different. It was cool to have her mom come. She was definitely touched by the experience, shown by her tears. 

At church on Sunday, we were so blessed to have so many investigators show up!  We had Micah of course for her confirmation. Then there was the two Rinnert boys, James and Jason. They are in the process of being adopted into a member family, so we have began to teach them. They can hardly focus when we do, but we get through by presenting visuals and such. 

We also had Donnie show up and sit with us. He was invited to church by a member one day and now he is coming almost every week! We are teaching him while he has some unresolved legal issues, so when those are cleared up, he can be baptized!

We also had The two Dolan kids, Bo and Sady, who live in the school bus with their dad and two older siblings. That bus would be pretty fun to live in. You could go park at Walmart for a while and be right by the store! Anyways, the Dolans are set to be baptized on the 22nd, so hopefully it will work out!

We also had Tracy come to church. She has been before, but this time was really good. She is the roommate of a recent convert in our Ward, sister Beck. Sister Beck is so awesome! She takes care of our dinner calendar and feeds us a lot. Tracy hasn't seemed too interested until last week. We were over for dinner and we gave her a large print copy of the Book of Mormon, since she can't read the small print. She appreciated it and we openly invited her to read it and pray about it. As time goes on, she is slowly becoming more open to it. Exciting!

One more person that came this week was brother Jackson. Basically, he has been less-active for about a year and a half, and has been in hiding. Miraculously, we moved in next door to him and started visiting with him!  Now he is coming to church and is going to keep coming. That was some inspiration to our housing missionaries :)

We had a zone conference last week as well. There was good discussions, testimonies, and food. Two ideas that stuck out to me:
  1. If we are going to 'teach repentance and baptize converts', we must have a repentant attitude ourselves. It's pretty hard to help someone else repent if we aren't willing to ourselves. The spirit will not be there and there will be no power behind your words. So have a repentant attitude so you can feel the joy of Christ and share that joy with others.
  2. President shared the analogy of the two wolves inside each of us. There is a bad wolf who is prideful, angry, selfish, etc. and there is the good wolf who is very Christlike. The wolves are comparable to the natural man and the spiritual man. Which one wins? Well, which one do we feed? Are we feeding the natural man or the spiritual one? That is the question.
 The last people I will mention are the Carters. She is the one that we found while looking at our lists and was amazed that we came the day she was praying for help. Basically, Angie is not baptized, but has a testimony of the church and the Book of Mormon. Her husband is less-active, but is now showing some signs of wanting to come back. Missionaries along with the Ward have been trying to work with them for a couple years, but are still stuck. Last night we talked about the atonement with them and set some goals with them to help them progress. They are going to start by reading the Book of Mormon everyday! Then, they are going to get their car drivable so they can make it to church on their own as a family! Then they are going to start trying to live the word of wisdom. Then, Angie has made a tentative goal of getting baptized in December. That is a lot of stuff to accomplish! But elder Vincent and I still feel like there is hope and as we work with them closely, and as they start inviting divine help, they can accomplish it. I know it.

In my experience, missionary work is more spiritual and mental work than physical. I don't mind riding my bike 15-20 miles to get around or walking across town. What's hard is the intense spiritual focus and the mental challenges that come when we find and teach and work with people. That's what the actual work is in my experience. Either way, it is a great and marvelous work that brings joy into individual and family lives.

Thanks for lending your eyes to my words for a few minutes. Tune in next time to hear about us getting observed by a church employee!

Elder Wylie

Who says missionaries are always serious?
(Alex in middle w/coat in air)

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