Monday, October 31, 2016

Wylie coyote: where the gospel meets the yellow brick road

When preparation day meets Halloween, it's all day! It's going to be a good day.

Transfers this week! And guess what? Well, you can read at the end :)

We got to see some good people last week. And we got to do some different service. Elder Vincent never thought he would help build a wooden playset in church clothes. Nor did I think we would paint our porch on a rainy day! It's all good and fun though. The paint didn't wash away!

We got to serve with our zone leader elder Tenney for a day! The best part was when we went to teach our recent convert Micah, she invited a bunch of the neighborhood kids to join in, so we had a fun time with them all and showed a good video. Now the neighborhood kids like us and we played some basketball with them.

Alex and Donnie came to church. Alex seems to be pretty solid! He definitely wants to change and become a good person. He can definitely do that as he invites the Spirit of the Lord into his life and strives to keep the commandments.

Elder Vincent went with one of the assistants, elder Syrett, during district meeting to go give a blessing. The man had just been in a motorcycle accident. It was a good experience for elder Vincent and for the people who witnessed the blessing. The family wasn't very active as I heard. I'm sure the Spirit was there to touch their hearts.

The Carters are changing, and it's good change. Angie has been investigating the church for over 8 years and still hasn't been able to successfully live the word of wisdom. But now, as she and James have been working together, praying and reading scriptures together, spending quality time together as a family, and developing Christlike attributes, they have been so much more happy! I'm so happy for them. She is definitely getting baptized in the near future!

Well, elder Vincent and I are staying here. But here's the catch. We're getting a third companion for a few weeks! His name is elder Parish. I'm excited to see how this trio goes. Trios are usually pretty fun, but it takes some extra effort to stay focused :)

Well, don't get sick today. Watch out for clowns. And don't worry about how old you are, just go get some candy :)

Elder Wylie
Driving out of the church parking lot can be scary.

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