Monday, December 12, 2016

Wylie coyote: if this was a job, I'm getting a raise

If I could summarize my week in just a few sentences, I would say this:
The miracle of the week was definitely that Angie Carter came to church! She has been letting things get in the way for a while, but now her mindset is that she will go no matter what. That's the way to be!

The Christmas zone conference was great! Very powerful, with a focus on the Book of Mormon. I learned that we aren't trying to sell the Book of Mormon, but the Book of Mormon is the most effective tool to convert people to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We had a couple hour exchange with the zone leaders because they had a lesson where one of them couldn't be, because his asthma wouldn't let him. But I love elder Hatch. He is super relaxed, but spiritual, and also very musically inclined! (He could probably be the organist for General conference). 

That's not a flash exchange I'll be having with the zone leaders either. You know why? Because.... I have been called to be the district leader! Woah! At first I was nervous, but now I'm excited! It'll be a fun transfer with Elder Parrish through the holidays.

Well, that my week short and sweet. Hope you have a happy day :)

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