Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sprinting has its benefits

It's been a good week, in case you were wondering :) Read on if you want more.

Well, we had another stake-conference-like sacrament meeting yesterday. Tons of people! I learned that two of the girls we're teaching (Hayden and Harli) are related to Bronco Mendenhall, so I got to meet his family. He has cool kids.

This week, we went over to help fix a tractor for Hayden (at least, Elder carter did. I learned how to replace sheared bolt). She is a little apprehensive about baptism at the moment, but I believe we can help her resolve that concern pretty soon.

We got to visit the other side of the lake for a beach BBQ on Friday. That down is on the lake side too. And guess what the town is called? Lakeside! Haha, there are some good people over there. After meeting with the awesome senior couple and the branch president over there, we found out that there are a lot of prepared people or there we need to teach! I'm excited for that.

We got to talk with a couple from Spain yesterday. They might be coming to church Sunday, and hopefully we can set them up with missionaries over there. 

We met the bishop's family and the elders quorum president's family. They both mentioned how much they appreciated the influence we have and the Spirit we bring into their homes.
We also met a 'hardcore atheist,' as she put it. She is in her sixties and still set on a world without a supreme being. It is kinda sad, it is also interesting. She wants us to teach her from the doctrine and covenants and the pearl of great price, since she apparently already read the Book of Mormon twice! We'll see if we can still keep to the basics as we pursue that.

Yesterday we rode our bikes to dinner.  We were basically mountain biking. It was fun.

I've really learned that being penitent (having a repentant attitude) is important in having the Spirit with me. Also, having an open mind and a willing heart is necessary so that I don't restrain the Holy Ghost working through me. We've been finding a lot more good people to talk to as we've had that attitude.

Well, I hope you can feel the goodness living the gospel brings, especially having the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Wylie Coyote: in the thick of the woods

Hey everyone! So here's the run down...

I left Gillette and now I'm way up in Bigfork! Before I left, we did a habanero pepper challenge! It was flippin hot! But I survived :) Elder Carter is awesome. He's from Delta Utah. We get along well.

There are a lot of tourists here. There was probably 800 people at sacrament meeting! We had over 16 water trays, 13 deacons, and they broadcast the meeting throughout the building! Crazy!

Well, it's hard to catch people home up here, but we have met some great people. We helped a nice less-active lady with her house, met a part member couple that like to joke around, and we had a zone transfer dinner at the stake presidents house! A quote that he said that I loved was;

 "A revelatory experience will do a lot more for a person than an assignment."

That is very true! The motivation I've gained from having spiritual experiences has been very good.

Well, talk to y'all later!

May the Spirit be with you
Elder Alexander Wylie
Montana Billings Mission

Bigfork, MT

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Wylie Coyote: telling the truth

From the experiences I've had this week, including going to Sheridan for an exchange, having interviews with President Wadsworth, events in our area and with people we know, and my personal perspective, comes an accumulation of my thoughts for your benefit and leisure:

For a long time, I have seen people act under the level of their knowledge. I realize I've fallen into this category as well. It seems that as members of the church of Jesus Christ, we tend to know a lot about Christ and his life, but don't have a desire to act on that knowledge. A desire to follow Jesus Christ and an understanding of His reality comes from the Holy Ghost, who confirms all truth. If we feel the need to become better or help others to become better, we need to study about Jesus Christ! We need to study about His life, His teachings, His purpose and power. As we do so prayerfully, the Holy Ghost will confirm the truth and reality of Jesus Christ in our hearts, which, if we choose to accept it, will fill our hearts with desire! This desire will lead us to act and follow Jesus Christ. If you don't feel that desire, consider your personal relationship with Him. Do you know who He is? Do you know what He did and what He taught? Do you love Him? If not, the solution is to "Learn of [Him], and listen to [His] words; walk in the meekness of [His] Spirit, and you shall have peace in me" (Doctrine and Covenants 19:23).

I know the Savior lives. He loves us. He performed an Atonement for all of us, to make it possible for us to find peace, joy, and love now and eventually return to live with our eternal family. I have felt His grace, His strength, His power, and His forgiveness in my life, and I know you can too!

Montana sunset...

Monday, May 1, 2017

Wylie Coyote: what season is it? Winter, spring, or sprinter?

The war between spring and winter is raging. We had a couple of spring casualties this week. One was on Tuesday; luckily we were gone. Another on Friday morning. There was enough to build a snowman!

On Tuesday, we were in Helena Montana once again for another mission leader council. It is pretty cool to be able to see fellow missionaries from all over the mission. Apparently the church missionary council put an end to zone trainings, so we won't be  meeting as a zone each transfer as we have been. 

We finally got back in the home of a solid investigator named Mark. He is ready and motivated to change his life! He's dating a Mormon girl from Cedar City, and she is very excited for him to start coming to church. They made us lunch and we got to answer lots of his questions. He is pretty solid!

We got to see another baptism in the 4th Ward for a kid named Kyler. It was a little emotional for him to see all his friends there supporting him. Hopefully the Spirit touched his non-member mom who attended.

We had a productive meeting with the stake president and high councilor over missionary work. They have a bright vision for the Gillette stake to become a Zion people. 

We had a sweet experience on Friday when it dumped snow on us. We decided to visit an older less-active couple north of town. We showed up and noticed their walkway had been untouched. On our way to the door we shoveled all the snow off. She was so glad we did that! Her husband was needing to run an errand and we showed up just in time. We got to read a couple scriptures with them, and she cried. Their kids are going through some wild challenges. What a blessing it is to see answers to prayers!

One more unique miracle: a few days ago, after Kylers baptism, Elder McMiller wanted to go get ice cream. I thought we might be able to do something more effective, but I wanted ice cream too, so we went. Afterwards, we went to the church and ate it. Nothing special. Then, a couple days later, we were visiting a couple of referrals from a member, one of which wasn't home. As we drove away from his house, Elder McMiller noticed a guy getting out of his car and walking to his house. "That's the kid from the ice cream place! Let's tract that house. Let's tract that house right now!" In my head I was a little hesitant, but soon decided to join him. We knocked on the door and found that he was a really chill guy and was open minded to our message. We made a good impression on him. And he basically said, "You guys are really cool. Most of the time I hear about how weird it is to have Mormons come to the door."

When we are sensitive and open to the Spirit, He will just guide you to where you need to be to find people. It is awesome to be led by God! Oh heck yeah!

Well, hope you have a good Monday. Keep smiling!

May the Spirit be with you
Elder Wylie

Monday, April 10, 2017

Wyliecoyote: Picture time

Just pictures this week!
 Anyone recognize Elder Campbell??
 P-Day fun.
He got to play the drums for a ward talent show. Happy boy!
Zone leaders meeting with mission pres and wife.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Wylie Coyote: saints in the west

After some pink cake and ice cream, my birthday was complete, haha. I feel pretty old!

This week was some awesome good stuff. I got to go on an exchange with one of my MTC friends elder Smith. He's a really cool guy from Las Vegas. We had a cool experience where one of their investigators brought us over to one of her friends homes and we gave her and her son a blessing. What a powerful spiritual experience that was for them! They had a good talk with each other after we left.

I love Wyoming people! They are so open to the gospel!
I also believe that if we just stayed at the hospital all day, we would be busy! We went there to give a blessing to an older lady who slammed her head into her night stand. As we were walking out, another lady called us over to talk. She wanted a blessing too, so we found the small chapel room and did it there. Giving blessings has been one of the main testimony-builders for me of the reality of the priesthood. There is no way that it's not real or that I don't hold it due to that miracles I've seen!

Wasn't general conference just amazing!? I felt so empowered after each session.

I especially loved the focus they put on the Holy Ghost. Learning to listen to the promptings and warnings of the Holy Ghost is one of the most important tasks we have in this life. Without inspiration and revelation, how will we ever be able to return to our father in heaven? I know without a doubt that the Holy Ghost has had a big influence in my life and has guided me in many situations.

Thanks for the support and the birthday wishes :) Next week you will hear about our zone conference, and my experience playing the drums ;)

Apparently this is the "trinity knot," a fancy way to do your tie. Look, he does have a serious face!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wyoming Wylie Coyote: establish Zion where you stand

Gillette Wyoming. There's not much to do and it's pretty flat. The only reason people live here is because of the mining and oil. But there are still a lot of good awesome people here. 

From Monday night to Wednesday morning, we were not in Gillette however. We got to travel all the way to Helena! From here it's about 8 hours! We stopped in Billings to stay the night then went up with some other elders in the morning, including my man Elder Schneider! It was awesome to be with the mission leadership council. There is definitely a lot of effort put into running a mission, probably more than I know.

Friday we got to run zone training! We have a pretty sweet 'bro-zone'. We made a solid zone plan to help us exercise faith and achieve goals! It has sure helped me look a little higher in terms of expectations for myself.

We got to meet with the stake president and talk about missionary work in the stake! The stake leadership has a bright vision of what the Gillette stake can become, which is good.
We had a super nice senior couple from the mission go home today. They worked hard here, and gave us some of the people they were working with. 

A cool thing they do here because of shift schedules at the mines is what they call night sacrament. They provide a mini sacrament meeting for those who can't make it to normal church. It's super cool. I was reminded again how important the sacrament is! You can't live without it really! At least spiritually.

Something in our zone plan (and mission plan) that has really began to help me a lot is what we call 'ITL's'. An ITL is an invitation to learn. It's more than just opening your mouth, so you have to be more engaged in conversation to make an invitation. It's really fun trying to invite everyone to learn. You meet a lot of great and interesting people that way. It makes the time worthwhile.

Thanks for everything y'all! I'm hungry. Bye!!

Elder Wyoming Wylie

Monday, March 6, 2017

Wylie Coyote: getting a raise of responsibility

In this mission, it is said that once you serve in Wyoming, you will surely return. 'Tis the case for me this week! I'm going to Gillette Wyoming! Woah! I'm going to be with Elder McMiller, whom I've heard good things about. We are getting doubled-in which is something I'm used to, but will still be a nice challenge since we will be leading the zone! I'm excited!

It's been a good week. We had a good zone conference, which was really good. We got to give President a ride back to the mission home after interviews. He insisted he ride in the back seat :)

We had some awesome times! We got to teach some sweet lessons in members homes! One is a lady named Phoebe! This older recent covert guy invited her to meet with us, and she is super open! We also had an awesome lesson with Sheliah, who is friends with the branch president's family in Roundup. She already wants to be baptized, and she is so believing of the restoration already! She might be our next baptism!

Then we got this Romanian investigator to church! He wants to get baptized too, and he already stopped drinking! Good thing he speaks good English!

I'm sad to leave some great people! But it's inevitable. I'm ready for a new challenge.

Keep smiling and have a good life!

May the Spirit be with you
Elder Wylie

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Wylie Coyote: just know I'm doing fine

Some people are more solid than others. Some love the church Christianity, some just love feeling the Spirit and want to lead their family toward Christ. Some people take forever to change and some are young and impressionable. But all in all, it's great to meet all sorts of people and see the good in them.

We tracked down this former investigator walking down the street because her mom told us we should. Elder Lankford jumps out of the car and says "Hey, is your name Faith?" Once she picked up her jaw off the ground, she said, "Yeah, how did you know!?" Long story short, we went and taught her Saturday morning, and she'll probably get baptized soon!

We had a fun exchange with the zone leaders! It's always great times with elder Hatch :)

Well, next time you hear from me, my companion will literally have a different heart! (Like, heart surgery!)

Elder Wylie

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wylie Coyote: good times

Life is good. So good.

Elder Parrish is now up in the heights, and I've got elder Lankford here. He's a great guy! We are getting along well. He loves the scriptures, including the Bible which is good. I need to teach out of the scriptures like he does! He's a wild kid from Missouri, but I'm glad to be with him.

We need to find more people to teach! It seems like people are slowing down on us. But we do have a new family to teach from the assistants, so that will be cool!

I just have to say, I'm just dying to get the Carters over this big wall that's in front of them right now. We are working with our Ward to help them out, so hopefully they'll have another breakthrough soon!
The worldwide missionary broadcast was awesome! A lot of good missionary training subjects and doctrine. The biggest news from that was the missionary schedule change! Now, instead of having a set out schedule, they are basically giving us a checklist of the things we need to get done, and we choose when to do it. They sure trust us missionaries! It is a very good change that will help missionaries for the rest of their lives.

Winter seems to be coming to the closing hour. I like it when winter ends, because then it's warm and sunny :)

Well, talk to y'all later! (I'm gonna end up having a southern accent being with elder Lankford, haha)

Elder Wylie Biley Shmiley

Apparently a classic Montana drink!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Wylie Coyote: as time flies

Once again, change is good! It's not something to be afraid of. It will help you!

Elder Parrish is headed over to the Billings east stake, while I'm staying here. I'm getting a companion whom I'm already acquainted with: Elder Lankford! He's a cool guy from Missouri. The interesting thing is that he's getting heart surgery in a couple weeks! You'll hear more about that later.

We had some fun gatherings last week. First was an awesome zone conference! All you need to know about that is that repentance is a gift, and it is meant to bring us joy and freedom! We also did a fun service project as a zone at the Yellowstone boys and girls ranch. We sorted clothing, which was good. The sisters invited the lady in charge to church, and she came! Maybe she'll get baptized!

There are a couple of families here I'm glad I get to continue to work with. First, the Carters. I'm just dying to get Angie baptized and for James to come to church! I'm hoping to get to the bottom of their concerns and show them that the atonement is there for them and they can be happy and free! There is also the Contreras's. They are members, just not active right now. Tony is such a cool guy. The first time we met him he told us that we are brothers to him. I hope we can help him overcome his concern with the church.

Our super solid investigator is getting moved to a different Ward: Donnie. It will be good for him since his main fellowshipper moved into that Ward! He'll be getting baptized soon!

Well, all is well at the moment. I'm sure I'll have more challenges ahead, but I'm ready. I know change and growth are gifts from God, and He lets us face challenges for our good.

Keep smiling, and have a great week y'all!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Short note from Elder Wylie with a special prayer request!

You can tell everyone these two things: pray for the Carters. We love them and want them to progress! It's a part member family. James is the less active and Angie isn't baptized yet. The Ward is tired of their excuses for not coming to church, but we see hope in them. 

Second, my  testimony of the sacrament has really increased. I really tried to prepare before Sunday so I could feel the reality of it. When I took it, i could feel the Spirit fill my mind. It was awesome.

Thanks for the prayers and encouragement. Love ya,

May the Spirit be with you
Elder Wylie

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas fun

Cheesy grin!

The District

Wylie Coyote: back in business

Wow. What a year! It just came and went like no other year I've lived. It was a wonderful year. Not just because I've been serving the Lord, but because of who I've become, because of all the experiences, fun and hard, that have changed me. I seriously feel like a different person. Maybe more like I've been able to discover myself, uncover more of who I truly am. That has come from a lot of stripping away things that don't matter, strengthening my weaknesses, and overcoming fears. I feel free! But! It's not over. I still have some time to become even better! And that's what I intend to do for the next 7 1/2 months. I don't want to leave here without becoming the best I can be. I'm excited for all the experiences I have yet to live and the amazing people I get to meet and work with.

With that said, the work is going good here. Some new people have sprouted out of the field, ready to harvest. One was found by the Ward when they went caroling. They went caroling to this one lady and her 'adopted' daughter told them she wants to take the lessons! Woah! We've taught her a couple times already, along with her friend, and they are sweet people. Also, the lady we have been helping with her rental house said she probably wants to get baptized! And we didn't even ask her! Super exciting! Once she gets back from Hawaii (that sure sounds like a nice place to be, especially when it's nothing degrees right now!), we will continue to teach her, and hopefully her husband. The Carters, our dear part member family we are working so hard on, are starting to make some changes. Angie had a breakthrough in terms of letting go of her past. There is still more to work on though, with both of them, and the bishop is helping us. I'm excited for them.

Christmas, New Years, it was great. Cleaning the temple, that was great too. Saying a prayer at a funeral of someone you don't know, that was pretty cool, spiritual. I'm having fun being a district leader! It's great being able to work with other missionaries like that and see the miracles in their areas. 

Well, it's a new year, and once again, I'm ready to take on the great experiences that are on the way. Keep being great people, and you'll hear from me again! Until then, 

May the Spirit be with you

We loved seeing his smiling cute face on Christmas!