Sunday, February 26, 2017

Wylie Coyote: just know I'm doing fine

Some people are more solid than others. Some love the church Christianity, some just love feeling the Spirit and want to lead their family toward Christ. Some people take forever to change and some are young and impressionable. But all in all, it's great to meet all sorts of people and see the good in them.

We tracked down this former investigator walking down the street because her mom told us we should. Elder Lankford jumps out of the car and says "Hey, is your name Faith?" Once she picked up her jaw off the ground, she said, "Yeah, how did you know!?" Long story short, we went and taught her Saturday morning, and she'll probably get baptized soon!

We had a fun exchange with the zone leaders! It's always great times with elder Hatch :)

Well, next time you hear from me, my companion will literally have a different heart! (Like, heart surgery!)

Elder Wylie

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