Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wyoming Wylie Coyote: establish Zion where you stand

Gillette Wyoming. There's not much to do and it's pretty flat. The only reason people live here is because of the mining and oil. But there are still a lot of good awesome people here. 

From Monday night to Wednesday morning, we were not in Gillette however. We got to travel all the way to Helena! From here it's about 8 hours! We stopped in Billings to stay the night then went up with some other elders in the morning, including my man Elder Schneider! It was awesome to be with the mission leadership council. There is definitely a lot of effort put into running a mission, probably more than I know.

Friday we got to run zone training! We have a pretty sweet 'bro-zone'. We made a solid zone plan to help us exercise faith and achieve goals! It has sure helped me look a little higher in terms of expectations for myself.

We got to meet with the stake president and talk about missionary work in the stake! The stake leadership has a bright vision of what the Gillette stake can become, which is good.
We had a super nice senior couple from the mission go home today. They worked hard here, and gave us some of the people they were working with. 

A cool thing they do here because of shift schedules at the mines is what they call night sacrament. They provide a mini sacrament meeting for those who can't make it to normal church. It's super cool. I was reminded again how important the sacrament is! You can't live without it really! At least spiritually.

Something in our zone plan (and mission plan) that has really began to help me a lot is what we call 'ITL's'. An ITL is an invitation to learn. It's more than just opening your mouth, so you have to be more engaged in conversation to make an invitation. It's really fun trying to invite everyone to learn. You meet a lot of great and interesting people that way. It makes the time worthwhile.

Thanks for everything y'all! I'm hungry. Bye!!

Elder Wyoming Wylie

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