Monday, May 1, 2017

Wylie Coyote: what season is it? Winter, spring, or sprinter?

The war between spring and winter is raging. We had a couple of spring casualties this week. One was on Tuesday; luckily we were gone. Another on Friday morning. There was enough to build a snowman!

On Tuesday, we were in Helena Montana once again for another mission leader council. It is pretty cool to be able to see fellow missionaries from all over the mission. Apparently the church missionary council put an end to zone trainings, so we won't be  meeting as a zone each transfer as we have been. 

We finally got back in the home of a solid investigator named Mark. He is ready and motivated to change his life! He's dating a Mormon girl from Cedar City, and she is very excited for him to start coming to church. They made us lunch and we got to answer lots of his questions. He is pretty solid!

We got to see another baptism in the 4th Ward for a kid named Kyler. It was a little emotional for him to see all his friends there supporting him. Hopefully the Spirit touched his non-member mom who attended.

We had a productive meeting with the stake president and high councilor over missionary work. They have a bright vision for the Gillette stake to become a Zion people. 

We had a sweet experience on Friday when it dumped snow on us. We decided to visit an older less-active couple north of town. We showed up and noticed their walkway had been untouched. On our way to the door we shoveled all the snow off. She was so glad we did that! Her husband was needing to run an errand and we showed up just in time. We got to read a couple scriptures with them, and she cried. Their kids are going through some wild challenges. What a blessing it is to see answers to prayers!

One more unique miracle: a few days ago, after Kylers baptism, Elder McMiller wanted to go get ice cream. I thought we might be able to do something more effective, but I wanted ice cream too, so we went. Afterwards, we went to the church and ate it. Nothing special. Then, a couple days later, we were visiting a couple of referrals from a member, one of which wasn't home. As we drove away from his house, Elder McMiller noticed a guy getting out of his car and walking to his house. "That's the kid from the ice cream place! Let's tract that house. Let's tract that house right now!" In my head I was a little hesitant, but soon decided to join him. We knocked on the door and found that he was a really chill guy and was open minded to our message. We made a good impression on him. And he basically said, "You guys are really cool. Most of the time I hear about how weird it is to have Mormons come to the door."

When we are sensitive and open to the Spirit, He will just guide you to where you need to be to find people. It is awesome to be led by God! Oh heck yeah!

Well, hope you have a good Monday. Keep smiling!

May the Spirit be with you
Elder Wylie

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