Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sprinting has its benefits

It's been a good week, in case you were wondering :) Read on if you want more.

Well, we had another stake-conference-like sacrament meeting yesterday. Tons of people! I learned that two of the girls we're teaching (Hayden and Harli) are related to Bronco Mendenhall, so I got to meet his family. He has cool kids.

This week, we went over to help fix a tractor for Hayden (at least, Elder carter did. I learned how to replace sheared bolt). She is a little apprehensive about baptism at the moment, but I believe we can help her resolve that concern pretty soon.

We got to visit the other side of the lake for a beach BBQ on Friday. That down is on the lake side too. And guess what the town is called? Lakeside! Haha, there are some good people over there. After meeting with the awesome senior couple and the branch president over there, we found out that there are a lot of prepared people or there we need to teach! I'm excited for that.

We got to talk with a couple from Spain yesterday. They might be coming to church Sunday, and hopefully we can set them up with missionaries over there. 

We met the bishop's family and the elders quorum president's family. They both mentioned how much they appreciated the influence we have and the Spirit we bring into their homes.
We also met a 'hardcore atheist,' as she put it. She is in her sixties and still set on a world without a supreme being. It is kinda sad, it is also interesting. She wants us to teach her from the doctrine and covenants and the pearl of great price, since she apparently already read the Book of Mormon twice! We'll see if we can still keep to the basics as we pursue that.

Yesterday we rode our bikes to dinner.  We were basically mountain biking. It was fun.

I've really learned that being penitent (having a repentant attitude) is important in having the Spirit with me. Also, having an open mind and a willing heart is necessary so that I don't restrain the Holy Ghost working through me. We've been finding a lot more good people to talk to as we've had that attitude.

Well, I hope you can feel the goodness living the gospel brings, especially having the gift of the Holy Ghost.

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